So you consider yourself a music expert, huh? You think because you know "The Bird" refers both to a Be-Bop saxophonist and a brand new dance by Morris Day and the Time that you know what's going down? Well, let's see how smart you are when we cut a song down to one second increments and ask you to name it.

You've stumbled upon Soundbytes, the ultimate challenge to all you music experts out there. We've taken the greatest music of all time and sliced it down to tiny Soundbytes to see if you can still name the title of the song. Five times a day, seven days a week, check out Soundbytes to find out just how much of an expert you are.

Important tip: hold down your SHIFT key to make sure you are loading the current sound clips!

Register To Play Play Soundbytes

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before you can play Soundbytes, you need to register so our server can keep score. Registration is free, and the only information we require is your full name and email address. You then choose a username and password and you're ready to go.

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