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We know what it means to be a fan. We know the obsession, the devotion, the need for more ... more information, more access, more music.

We know what it means to be a fan, and that's why we've created Music Fan Clubs. We've created it just for fans like you who want more! So we give the our MFC members MORE ... more privileges and more amenities ... we treat our members to more, just like VIPs!

Plus, our collection of fan sites is the best on the web: We've scoured the entire internet and chosen the finest English-language sites to feature on MFC! This way, you get the best information, the hottest pics and hippest designs from all over the world ... and all in one location.

The VIP experience is exclusive, entertaining and exciting. Just look down below to see the difference between a VIP member and a Non-VIP member.

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Visit Music Fan Clubs

Take a tour of Music Fan Clubs. You'll see that our fan sites are as diverse as the music scene today (Bryan White and Rage Against the Machine, to Metallica and then the Spice Girls and Alanis Morrissette). We feature established stars (Will Smith) and emerging artists (Phidget, Bloo).

And when you're done with your tour, you'll see that we are committed to helping you learn more about musicians ... singers, writers, clueless drummers ... and the challenge they face everyday to bring you the music you love, live by and, in some very rare instances, get lucky by.

For 11 cents a day* you get:

*11 cents a day is based on yearly subscription rates of $39.95 (almost $9 cheaper than a month-by-month subscription). Monthly rates are $4.95 for the first month and $3.95 for all subsequent months ... a rate of less than 13 cents a day!

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