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What does "Full Access" mean?

10 MINUTE MUSIC - Music Fan Clubs' newest game lets you test your music knowledge 'under the gun' by identifying song clips, album covers, and bands in a limited amount of time. Play the demo here or, if you're a VIP Member, play the full version here.

The E-mail Address of Your Choice - VIP Membership gets you your choice of a fashionable Music Fan Clubs e-mail address like "[email protected]" or an artist specific e-mail address like "[email protected]", "[email protected]" or "[email protected]." For a complete list of available addresses click here.

General MFC Music Trivia Quiz - VIP Members can test their knowledge across the board! Are you a music trivia god and perhaps just don't realize it?

Risky Business - Rock and Roll Style - Wager points against your music knowledge in this "Final Jeopardy" style game.

Dave Matthews Band Quiz - Just how much do you know about Dave Matthews Band? This will tell all!

Sliding Tiles - Hey puzzle fans! Remember those crazy sliding tile puzzles that you could never finish? We have tons of puzzles with pictures of our MFC artists.

Music Discounts - VIP Members receive a discount on Macromusic purchases. Choose from over 200,000 titles, including all the great artists featured on Music Fan Clubs! Read more about VIP discounts here.

The '80s Server Access - VIP Membership will also get you total access to all VIP Membership areas of the '80s Server. The '80s Server is the totally awesome place where you can spend your whole day getting lost in The '80s!

The Save Ferris Quiz - Remember the movie, "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"? Now you can play a really cool, multi-level, multiple choice game and test your memory about it. See if you can make it to the end and "Save Ferris".

The '80s Server Crossword Puzzle - The ever-popular crossword puzzle with an '80s twist! Toss your old newspaper aside because The '80s Server Crossword Puzzle offers the latest in Java technology, making it the most fun puzzle in town and the greatest puzzle on the web.

The Save Ferris Soundtrack - The '80s Server is the only place where you will find this humorous collection of quotes and medleys from "Ferris Bueller's Day Off."

"Hits" Story - Ever wonder what song was number one on this date back in 1984? Well, here's your chance to find out. The '80s Server Hits Story records the number one hits (by Billboard Magazine) from each year of our favorite decade. The number of visits an artist can make into the top 10 often confirms their greatness, other times what a fluke they are. Amaze all your friends with this knowledge. Believe me, you'll be worshiped!

Manic Medley - You will be presented with a very terse medley of ten songs from the past decade. It will then be your job to identify each song by title and artist. Think you can do it? It's a real test of the "octonaut" (our term for someone schooled in the finer aspects of the '80s).

TakeOver - A delightful combination of Tic-Tac-Toe and trivia. Correctly answer three questions in a row to win--watch out for hidden traps!

The Save Ferris Remix - Another '80s Server exclusive. You'll laugh aloud and dance on the tables with this MPEG medley from Ferris.

Gremlines - A thrilling game of Gremlines, where you, the '80s fanatic, must maneuver your way through ten movie quotes matching the dialogue to the movie. Updated daily.

MegaLibrary - A huge, cross-referenced database of pop culture, sports, historical and technological information dating back to 1950, gathered together in one place. Categories are:
Arts & Entertainment- Check out all the Academy Awards, Emmy Awards, Grammy Awards, Tony Awards, Pulitzer Prizes and Nobel Prizes. A quick and easy reference.
Sporting Events- See who all the champions were of all the most popular spectator sports. We have also combined this list with a timeline presenting the important sporting events of each year.
Historical Events- Get all the info scoured from the obscure crevices of the story of humanity to remind you of the way things were. Includes a timeline of all the major events.
Technology- Want to know all the technological achievements for the last 5 decades? Now you can see all the different factors that went into the development of today's fully functional slot machines...or any other major invention you might be wondering about.
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