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Re: Did you hear the news?...(not goo though)

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Posted By trac On Mon, Aug 27th At 4:12 PM
In Reply To: Re: Did you hear the news?...(not goo though) Posted By Nikki On Sun, Aug 26th At 10:16 PM
>>She is one of the top female R&B singers of the
>>90s and her music is still going just as strong
>>today. Her music has definitely had made a mark
>>in music culture and had been a big part of
>>many youths in the 90s and now. I'm not really
>>a big R&B fan but I do think her music is
>>great. Her music has definitely had a part of
>>my teen years as well as my friends and
>>millions of others. Knowing that she is gone is
>>taking a small part of us when we were growing
>>up. It's really sad because she's was one of
>>those artist that you would hear 10 years from
>>now and I'm not surprise if it's 20 years. She
>>>was a true artist and she >>was a good person
>> too.

>I agree Pon, i'm not really a fan of R&B music,
>but i really liked her, i watched her diary
>today on MTV, and i practically cried trough the
>whole thing, just cuz she was gone, and stuff
>like that...ya know what i mean...and i know
>what you mean abiut everyone chatting about it,
>everything from pop to punk, metal and
>everything in chat rooms!...ok thats all i
> >have to say about that.

I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who
spent a lot of yesterday crying...


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