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Re: Did you hear the news?...(not goo though)

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Posted By Pon On Sun, Aug 26th At 9:25 PM
In Reply To: Re: Did you hear the news?...(not goo though) Posted By Aimee On Sun, Aug 26th At 9:12 PM
I can see why people from different music
communities are supporting each other over this.
Her music was universal! Her music wasn't this
N'sync BSB kind of music. It was a music that
anybody would love to dance to and it was music
that anybody would love! Like me, I'm not into
R&B, but I loved Aaliyah! She was just simply
talented and she was a good person! I first heard
of her when I was around 12-14 and now i'm 20.
Ever since I heard her, I always had respect for
her music and for her as a person. It's sad to
see this good person die!


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