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Did you hear the news?...(not goo though)

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Posted By Nikki On Sun, Aug 26th At 5:02 AM
ok this has NOTHING to do with the goos but since
its about music, i'm posting some of you
my have or havent heard, the R&B singer/actress,
Aaliyah died in a plane crash while leaving the
Bahamas from just finshing a video for he next
single...very sad, some of you might not care,
but i do and thats why i posted this, so my heart
goes out to her and her family, and husband
R.Kelly, who might i add left on an earler flight
right before hers...for the full story, there was
an article from Yahoo!.com, so read it if you
want, there are some pics too, but to me they are
very...not easy too look at, ok well, thanks for
listening...and, ok bye


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