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Re: My heart goes out to her!

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Posted By Jay V On Sun, Aug 26th At 6:09 PM
In Reply To: My heart goes out to her! Posted By Pon On Sun, Aug 26th At 3:26 PM
>My heart goes out to her and I feel so sad when I
>heard the news. She was such a beautiful and
>talented girl! I know this news will affect
>every young people out there in the US and many
>countries around the world because we grew up on
> her music.
>This also reminds me about the time when the GOOs
>were in somewhat of a plane crash right before
>new year of 2000. I wish AAliyah would have been
>as lucky as the GGDs. It's sad to see >good
> people die!

I know. It makes me sad too. :( Everything Pon
said .... well ..... I don't wanna repeat. So uhh
... yeah .........


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