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Re: Did you hear the news?...(not goo though)

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Posted By Andimerbob On Sun, Aug 26th At 3:46 PM
In Reply To: Re: Did you hear the news?...(not goo though) Posted By Cathy GOO On Sun, Aug 26th At 1:52 PM
>She had a lot of talent. it is sad to know that
>music is forever changed without her beautiful
>voice. she was a funny, smart, kind person and
>while i never met her, i have been and will
> >always be touched by her music and her life.

omg, i heard when i was logging on to kiwibox,
but, i thought it was just some sick joke...dude,
that's just so sad...i heard that she was going
to be akashka (the queen of the damned) in the
sequal to interview with the vampire (queen of
the damned) God, as Robby said, f*cked up
sh*t happens to good people...
mad about goo,


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