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Re: Did you hear the news?...(not goo though)

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Posted By Aimee On Sun, Aug 26th At 9:12 PM
In Reply To: Re: Did you hear the news?...(not goo though) Posted By Susan On Sun, Aug 26th At 4:03 PM
I cried when i heard the news in an aol chat at
12:58 pm this morning. three years ago, i
remember rewinding the "are you that somebody"
video dozens of times, so i could learn the
entire dance. she was amazing. i was online til
4:00am this morning...and in every single chat i
went to from punk bands pop groups people were
talking about her, sharing stories, and praying
for her. in a way it was wonderful to see the
entire music community supporting each other over
this. but it's unfortunate that the reason for it
is a tragedy. there's no telling what she would
have done with her career.


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