January 25, 1999

New SW Tour - Here is a temporary list of Stabbing Westward tour dates for 1999, as soon as i recieve more information on them, i will post them, thank you for your patience.

January 17, 1999

Stabbing Westward Experts - I just thought i would let people know, i am now officially an expert on Stabbing Westward, =P . Well, www.allexperts.com added me to their expert list, so you should check it out if you need any info on the band. thanx.

January 7, 1999

New SW Poll - That's it, this is the last update today. Here is a boring poll for you =P

Link to Wasted Lies - Want to add a link on your page to this page? Click to find out more.

Purchase CD's - Want to buy a Stabbing Westward CD? If so, check out this page before you look any further.

SW Discography - A very very tentative discography, there are a nice few things wrong with it, but i'm going to put it here in the mean time, any help is greatly appreciated, email me

SW Tour - Well, another SW tour rolls to a halt. Keep checking back for the newest tour dates. i will post em as soon as i have em. Word is, a tour might be headed to Canada, yehoo!

Andy Speaks - Andy speaks his thoughts on the Depeche Mode tour as well as talks of a cross-Canada tour in mid-febuary as well as some dates in Europe.

SW Interview - In real audio format, includes acoustic versions of "Sometimes it Hurts" and "What Do I Have To Do?". check it out.

Aaron's Stabbing Westward Page - added to the links page. I'm very particular with my links page, only the good one's make it, so email me if you want to be added.

January 3, 1999

Nirvana Book: this is not related to Stabbing Westward, but being a nirvana fan, i believe it is worthy. Please check out this page for information. The above banner is related.

December 27, 1998

Merry Christmas - I hope you all are having a great holiday season, hope you got lots of new presents and SW cd's =)

Sounds Page - Added "Save Yourself" midi to the list, keep em coming =P

December 20, 1998

SW Poll - Added a new poll. The question is "What should be the next release off of Darkest Days?". Enjoy

SW News - Haunting Me is on the Faculty Soundtrack.

Rumors: There may be a release of a live or remix CD. Save Yourself might be on the soundtrack for the Mob Sqad. A Tribute album is set for release in early 1999.

December 19, 1998

Sorry for the lack of updates, not very much to add. Just fix a couple of things such as the top frame banner size and i placed all older updates on an updates page, therefore making the main page easier to view. Any suggestions are welcome...thanx little pink ma geme =P

December 2, 1998

Music Music Music - Added 3 midi's to the sound section, so check it out, more are on the way.

December 1, 1998

Westward Ho! - An article on Stabbing Westward featured in www.westword.com . Thanx to Chris LaMorte.

November 28, 1998

Stabbing Westward Screen Saver - Added a stabbing westward screen saver taken directly from Stabbing Westward's Homepage.

November 27, 1998

Spiraling to Hell... - Dave Bloom and I have started our own webring, the ring will include active sites. For people who update a lot, if you want to become a member or want to see the sites that are currently on it, check this site out.

Remember to Vote? - Have you remembered to vote for Darkest Days as one of the top 100 albums?? NO? Then do so now!

November 26, 1998

Pictures - Added 2 SW pic pages, nothing spectacular, but for some people who requested.

Added - Added a shit load of images to most of the main pages. enjoy!

November 23, 1998

FeedBack - Added more feedback to the Stab in the Dark article featured in the Chicago Suns-Online, if you haven't read it, check it out.

November 21, 1998

Stabbing Westward Poll - Added a better stabbing westward poll. The questions will be changed every 2 weeks or so. enjoy.

Stabbing Westward Links - Finally added a links page, if you want to be added, email me . Please read what you need to do to be added on the links page.

November 19, 1998

Added Lyrics - I added two new sections to the lyrics pages, "1990-91 Demos" and "Soundtracks & B-Sides".

Added Tabs - I added two new sections to the lyrics pages, "1990-91 Demos" and "Soundtracks & B-Sides". And also added a bunch of tabs, too numerous to mention, just check it out.

FAQ Updated - Finally updated (stole) the Stabbing Westward FAQ v2.0

Sounds Page - Finally here, and you might wish it wasn't. I just threw this together because of the many requests, if you have anything to add to it, please email me.

November 18, 1998

ATTENTION! - I am looking for some fan reviews. If you have attended a Stabbing Westward concert, please write up a review of it, including date, time, place, and set. Everything else can be in your opinion, when your done, email it to me.

Stabbing.ram - Listen to Stabbing Westward in an interview and hear them play "Sometimes It Hurts" acoustically. Really kewl.

Stabbing Westward Message Forum - The Stabbing Westward message/chat forum is now up and running, but it is not run by me, it is run by Music Fan Clubs.

SW Tour - Finally got the tour page made, it should be alright.

I also made new images for the menu, i hope you like them, i lost my other font used to make them, so i had to re-do them all. anyways enjoy. =)

November 10, 1998

Everything I Have To give - Wasted Lies: A Stabbing Westward Site is now apart of the webring "Everything I Have To Give" check it out.

I Don't Believe - tab off of WBB+P added by Dave Bloom

Nothing - tab off of Ungod has been added with thanx to Dave Bloom

Drowning - tab off of Darkest Days has been added with thanx to the tab man, Dave Bloom

On Your Way Down - tab off of Darkest Days has been added by, who else: Dave Bloom

Goodbye - tab off of Darkest Days has been added by....you guess it....Dave Bloom

November 9, 1998

When I'm Dead - tab off of Darkest Days has been updated by Keith Hannaford and a new tab from Dave Bloom

Waking Up Beside You - tab off of Darkest Days has been added with thanx to Dave Bloom

The Thing I Hate - tab off of Darkest Days has been added with thanx to yet another tab from Dave Bloom

I don't know if i'm the only one, but i seen a commerical for the new Duke Nukem game, and i heard SW's "The Thing I Hate", if anyone has any info on that, then email me thanx.

cobaink@apexmail.com - please make a note of my new email address.

If anyone know's how to make a cgi form that will post results from a survey as they are being conducted, please email me thank again.

October 25, 1998

Debut of "Sometimes It Hurts" video on MTV. For more inforemation, check in the news.
Octorber 20, 1998

Where are the updates!?!? - Okay, i know a lot of you out there are gettin kinda pissed, but please, give me time, i'm looking for some new additions, i had some things lined up, but they fell through. And i did have a sounds page for MP3's, but MusicFanClubs are not allowing MP3's on their servers. Give me time.

Wanna Chat?? - Wasted Lie's Official chat is now up and running. Log Onto: irc.valhall.net and join channel #stabbing-westward. If no one's around, check out my other channel #alternative. See you there.

September 18, 1998

Well people, after a long delay, i am back and better then ever. I have moved my site from thezone to a new provider that is shaping up to be a great site in www.MusicfanClubs.com. I hope you like the location and continue makeing Wasted Lies one of the most popular SW sites on the web.

July 30, 1998

When I'm Dead - off of Darkest Days is now tabbed, thanx to my cousin BrokenWish. enjoy.

Everything I Touch I Break - off of darkest days is now updated by adding another tab also by BrokenWish. enjoy.

July 21, 1998

Buy CD's Online - Finally, here is your chance to purchase Stabbing Westward CD's and a few choice others for your own listening pleasure. If you want these CD's but can't buy them locally, here is your chance to get them.

July 17, 1998

Join Wasted Lies - I am looking for someone(s) who would be able to help me maintain this site. If your interested, check it out.

Feedback - Added more feedback to the article by ANDERS SMITH-LINDALL.

July 14, 1998

Feedback - Added more feedback to the article by ANDERS SMITH-LINDALL.

July 9, 1998

Feedback - Some feedback from the article from the Chicago Suns-Online about a recent Stabbing Westward concert.

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