Augest 12th, 1999

Song Featured on Soundtrack As reported by Chris Mazurk at Alien's Planet of Stabbing Westward
According to Andy K. , the song "Waking Up Beside You" will be used twice in the upcoming movie "Crow 3". Walters "Last Call" remix will be featured in the movie itself while the "Forgotten By The World" remix will be on the soundtrack cd. So, for those of us who haven't heard these remixes, we can look forward to hearing them in the movie and buying the cd. once again, credit goes to Chris Mazurk who's awesome site is listed above.

July 21, 1999

New album?
thanx to Stephen Miller and
During a chat with Stabbing Westward fans, Andy hinted that the most likely release date for a new Stabbing Westward album would be next spring, but this is only a guess. There is no name for a new album, nor have they started any recording, but this is a good sign that we should expect a new album early in the new year. Also, according to Andy there will be no new singles off of Darkest Days, it is finished. Just thought that might be of interest to everyone.

Febuary 20th, 1999

Information on upcoming tour with Placebo.
thanx to Stephen Miller and
The band is rehearsing for the tour that will start in a few days. Some of  the new songs they will be performing are: When I'm Dead, Everything I Touch, Slipping Away (new live version), Sleep, Control and Drowning.

January 7, 1999

Andy Speaks on Depeche Mode Tour and New Tour

taken from Weight of the World
"Hey.........just wanted to wish you and everyone else Happy Holidays............the DEPECHE MODE tour was a was good to see old friends and make some new ones as well. Sorry we weren't able to spend as much time with people as we usually do, but the DM security was pretty intense ( although not intense enough to keep Christopher from jumping onstage in Anahiem, complete with pink-feather-boa, and singing back-ups on PERSONAL JESUS.......very entertaining.....).............As far as I know we'll be hitting the road again in mid-February. A cross-Canada tour is in the works, as well as another trip around the US. We're trying to decide whether or not to play DARKEST DAYS in its' entirety with moody production (people who were at our show in Miluakuee the day after Thanksgiving witnessed the "moody" side of things...) anyone has any thoughts.........anyway...........On a more global note, Darkest Days will finally be released in the UK in February, so there's a chance we'll be taking a short trip across the Atlantic to play a few European shows as there you have it. HAPPY HOLIDAYS" - Andy.

December 20th, 1998

Haunting Me on Faculty Soundtrack

It is official, Haunting Me off of Darkest Days will be featured on the soundtrack from the movie The Faculty. I haven't seen the movie yet, but it looks like it's about students that find out that their teachers are aliens and they try to kill them. Information on the movie can be obtained from

November 26, 1998

Stabbing Westward Songs on Soundtracks

Chris and Andy have hinted that some SW songs will likely show up on some soundtracks and other projects. Here's a list of

some of the latest:

     "Haunting Me" is purported to be in the new movie The Faculty.
     "Save Yourself" is in the movie Urban Legend, and is rumored to be in the movies The Waterboy and The Mod Squad.
     "The Thing I Hate" plays on the Sony PlayStation game Duke Nukem - Time To Kill and is being played on the TV
     commercial for the game.
     "So Wrong" is on the soundtrack for The Bride of Chucky (yep... that stupid little killer doll is back).
     "Save Yourself" is playing during an NFL "Feel the Power" commercial. It is the one with footage of games being played
     in extremely wet conditions.

October 25th, 1998

As reported in the Columbia records mailing list
Stabbing Westward's "Sometimes It Hurts" will debut on MTV's 120 Minutes this Sun, 10/25 it will be the 7th video in the first hour. 120 airs at midnight on MTV

July 6th, 1998

Taken from
Unintentionally referencing a recurrent gag from a hit mockumentary spoofing the music industry, Stabbing Westward has announced its third replacement drummer since regular SW tubthumper Andy Kubiszewski broke his collarbone in a roller-blading accident on May 21.

 Stabbing Westward was in the midst of a tour promoting the band's critically-acclaimed new album, Darkest Days, when Kubiszewski took his big tumble prior to a show in Madison, Wisconsin.

 The group contacted former Nine Inch Nails drummer and current production titan Chris Vrenna to fill in for Kubiszewski. Vrenna, who'd previously played with Christopher Hall and Walter Flakus in a very early incarnation of Stabbing Westward, has most recently produced How We Quit The Forest by Stabbing's labelmates Rasputina. He played three dates -- one in Kansas City and two in Los Angeles -- with the band before returning to his thriving day-job as producer, programmer and engineer.

 Killing Joke drummer Geoff Dugmore was pulled into the mix to act as semi-permanent sub until Kubiszewski's return to the group, which everyone's hoping will be in mid-July. Then family obligations forced Dugmore to withdraw from the tour. Stabbing Westward held another series of auditions and, after much deliberation, settled on drummer Johnny Haro, formerly of Star 69.

 Barring any unforeseen instances of spontaneous human combustion, Haro will be onboard for the remainder of the Stabbing Westward tour dates.

June, 1998

Taken from
Stabbing Westward will resume its tour in support of the band's critically-acclaimed new album Darkest Days with ex-Nine Inch Nails' drummer Chris Vrenna and Killing Joke's Geoff Dugmore filling in on the skins while Stabbing's drummer Andy Kubiszewski recuperates from a rollerblade accident. Vrenna previously played with Christopher Hall and Walter Flakus in a very early incarnation of Stabbing Westward and has most recently produced How We Quit The Forest, the forthcoming album by Stabbing Westward labelmates Rasputina. He will play three dates with Stabbing Westward. Dugmore, who is also an accomplished U.K. session player (Thompson Twins, Rod Stewart, Tina Turner, Peter Murphy, etc.) comes onboard June 20 to drum with the band until Kubiszewski's return.

On Thursday, May 21, Stabbing Westward was forced to postpone a portion of its May/June concert dates when drummer Andy Kubiszewski fractured his collarbone in a rollerblading accident. The crash occurred in Madison, Wisconsin, where the group was scheduled to perform that night at the Barrymore Theater. Stabbing frontman Christopher Hall announced the cancellation from the stage and then promptly walked into the audience, followed by the other band members, where they spent several hours signing autographs and talking with fans. By the end of the night, Kubiszewski had received around 100 "Get Well" cards from the 500 plus audience.

Get-Well card for Andy

God Lives Underwater will appear on dates beginning June 20 in palo alto.

Stabbing Westward has had to cancel their los angeles roxy date on june 23.....the band will be rescheduling this show for sometime in early august....

san francisco has also moved to june 22.
please look at the itinerary below and note the new venues, cities, and dates....thanks.

june 20 palo alto, ca the edge
june 22 san francisco the fillmore -- new date!
june 23 los angeles, ca the roxy --- to be rescheduled
june 24 las vegas, nv the joint
june 25 phoenix, az hayden square
june 27 dallas, tx deep ellum live
june 28 oklahoma city will rogers center
june 30 milwaukee, wi wlzr radio show "summerfest"
july 1 chicago, il the riviera
july 2 louisville, ky the brewery
july 4 greensboro, nc wxra radio show @ washington street stage
july 5 miami, fl wzta radio show @ markham park
july 7 tampa, fl masquarade -- new venue
july 8 orlando, fl firestone
july 9 atlanta, ga masquerade
july 11 providence, ri lupo's -- new date
july 12 syracuse, ny wkrl radio show @ vernon downs
july 14 charlotte, nc tremont music hall
july 15 myrtle bch, sc house of blues
july 17 norfolk, va the boathouse -- cancelled
july 18 poughkeepsie the chance -- new!
july 19 washington dc 9:30 club -- new!
july 21 boston, ma avalon -- new!

March, 1998

Darkest Days is released.  First track released on the album is "Save Yourself". "Save Yourself" is everything that you would expect from Stabbing Westward, it combines the powerfull vocals of Christopher Hall with the extrodinary music of the "Stabbing Westward Sound".  The next release from the album is rumored to be either "Haunting Me" or "You Complete Me".  I give this album the best rating that i'd give any album.  It's an average album on first listen, but as with "Ungod" and "WBB+P" after a few listens, you won't be able to take it out of the player, so if you got the money GET IT!.

January 23, 1998

Supposedly SW is mixing Darkest Days themselves....not liking the originals. News from CK WOW i talked to Andy for like 2 and a half hours tonight! I have alot to say so let me start: #1. They JUST mastered the final version of the album today! Official release date is March 31st! It's 16 tracks and 65 mins long #2. First single will be "Save Yourself" and it will be released to the radio on February 2nd (everyone get your tape recorders ready!) :) #3. Columbia is VERY excited about this album! Donnie Inner (President of Columbia) called the boys today and according to Andy he NEVER calls any of his artists. He was talking about how great he thought the album was and he was sure it would succede. Good news! Sounds like they'll be getting TONS of promo for this album. #4. I learned there was another remix of "Falls Apart" by Van Christie that never got released with guitars by a Ministry guitarist. Also they're seriously considering doing that remix CD and releasing it only as a fanclub item (so Columbia won't be involved at all) and it will probably be mostly Walter's remixes (Sounds like there's ALOT of them that haven't been released). #5. Yes Andy shaves everyday and he's not bald... He's been doing it since 1992! #6. There was never a Control single released (To his knowledge) so i don't know where that rumor came from? #7. I asked him about the WDIHTD radio edit and how they cut out that one line at the very beginning (which i think is like one of the best lyrics in any SW song) and he said that he fought that kicking and screaming but it didn't work. He thinks it sums up the entire song and it's the most important part of the entire song (and he wrote it so he should know!). #8. Andy is going to NYC, Chris to London. Walter and Andy will begin planning the live show beginning February 1st. #9. Speaking of live shows, they'll most likely open for someone else for the first month of touring and then break into their own tour. #10. Andy thinks those promo tapes i was talking about earlier will probably show up at alot of record stores too so everyone check your record stores in like 3 weeks! :) #11. Exotic Birds (Andy's old band) used to play WDIHTD, Inside You, Sometimes It Hurts, Haunting Me, and Desperate Now... THey're all written by Andy completly and they've adapted them for SW! None of those were ever released with Exotic Birds however. Unbeknownst to me, Exotic Birds were actually VERY popular locally in Cleveland back in the day (86-92). #12. Andy says he has some very embrasssing video of Trent from Exotic Birds days... Haahha i'd LOVE to see some of that stuff.. Maybe it would get Trent off his high-horse and back into reality. #13. He told me all sorts of little bits about the new album and here's a summary: It's got a VERY raw feel to it. It sort of sounds like a mix between Ungod, WBB+P and some added extra elements, also sounds similar to Everything I Touch and the beginning of Slipping Away at times... It's very long and very dense; it's not an easy listen like WBBP is. It's supposedly even more depressing and dark than WBBP and it sounds like it's very deep as well...

January 6, 1998

According to D-Bug.."DD is bumped again, back to March 31st."

December 2, 1997

According to Andy, the release date for Darkest Days is March 14th.  According to Christopher, the reason it was pushed back again is because Columbia didn't think the album was good enough.  They didn't think there were enough "hits" on it.  Chris says they are working on another song now and polishing the others.  He hopes that will make them happy.

November 15, 1997

E-mail from Andy: "As far as weird instruments go.......I played orchestra bells & talking drums throughout the opening track "Darkest Days"......for one take we placed the bells inside a baby grand piano that Walter had prepared by taping down various keys, this allows the piano to sustain only the specific chord voicings without having to use the sustain pedal. As I played the bells they would resonate in weird ways through the piano.........meanwhile Dave Jerden would manipulate some weird synth unit that we had also connected to the thing..........making for some very weird & interesting textures..........We also connected the same weird synth unit ( i'm not exactly sure what it was) to Marks guitar . During the verses of " You Release Me" he would actually blow across the strings creating very odd textures as well. Also during the middle section of " Desperate Now" Chris linked together a number of bizzare guitar stomp boxes & created some of the coolest audio violence ever......which was in turn looped & mangled even more by Walter.................." The song "Sometimes it hurts" has been removed from Darkest Days because it did not fit in with the other songs.

September 26, 1997

Darkest Days is completly finished and the official release date is January 27th, 1998 "Sometimes it Hurts" has been dropped from the album because it doesn't fit with the rest of the album.. It was too poppy, according to Andy (who wrote it back around the same time as he wrote WDIHTD), for the album... However, it will be a B-Side... he describes the vibe for this album as (I quote) "Very Dark..........Very sounds like a band's very Raw compared to previous efforts..........more organic.......we're a fuckin' ROCK band" Right now they are working on some remixes and some B-Sides and are just about to go on vacation.. They're all going on about a month long vacation on their own..

September 23, 1997

The release date for the upcoming CD "Darkest Days" has been pushed back to Dec. or maybe even Jan. The song POMF is to be on it but rearanged with new lyrics and will be called The Thing I Hate. Also Everything I Touch is supposedly been changed making it shorter, harder, and with more electronics. The other included tracks are:
1.Darkest Days
2.Everything I Touch
3.Nothing To Hold On To
4.You Release Me
5.Torn Apart
6.Justified By You
7.Save Yourself
8.Sometimes It Hurts
10.Desperate Now
12.When I'm Dead
13.The Thing I Hate
14.On Your Way Down
15.Waking Up Beside You
The record it self is supposed to be very raw and organic. Many of the songs are first takes.

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