The only sites that will be listed here are either sites that include a link to Wasted lies, or i find are exceptional pages, or have done something to help me out. If you want to include your page here, please email me here. Note, only pages dealing with Stabbing Westward will be listed, thanx.

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This is a webring that was created by Dave Bloom (link below, Inside You) and myself

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Nothing: Fading Shades of Grey

I believe this is a fairly new site, and it's amazing thus far. I've already emailed the author to tell him how great the site looks, it definitly got some potential, and i hope he sticks with it. Check out the lyrics section, i love the way he did the navigation, lots of dedication behind that. Check it out if you can, you won't be disappointed.

Inside You: Daves Stabbing Westward Page

What can i say about this guy. Dave has made my site what it is today, he has supplied me with tab after tab, and is one of the reasons why this page gets as many hits as it does. This site includes Stabbing Westward News, one of the best Guitar Tab archives for SW, a lyrics section, tour dates, concert reviews, pics of the band and info about Dave himself. If you have the time, check out his site.

Haunted Reality

This is a really well done Stabbing Westward fan page. It includes the home of the Stabbing Westward Mailing list, Collectables, Multimedia, News, information, and more. The site has the most elaborate link section i have ever seen. It has a list of many SW sites, and then categorizes different aspects of pages and lists them as well. If your looking for particular information, this is the place to look.

Aaron's Stabbing Westward Page
I love the look of this page, it has a real Darkest Days look to it. This page includes news, tour dates, gallary, discography, bootlegs, review's, collectables, biography, interviews and more. Check out this well done page.

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