FAQ Version 2.0

Maintained by Nick Coleman aka Santa Dog [email protected]

This is version 2.0 of the Stabbing Westward FAQ. It is updated from version 1.2 and includes information about their latest release, Darkest Days. As much of the information within is time dependant, this document must undergo constant updates. Please send comments, suggestions, and corrections to [email protected] with the subject heading: SWFAQ.



What is the current lineup of Stabbing Westward?

How long has Stabbing Westward been around, and what have they done pre- "What Do I Have To Do"? Where did the name come from? Why did Dave Suycott Leave? What is he doing now? Why did Stuart Zechman leave? What other bands have members of Stabbing Westward been in? How old are they? Are they married? What kinds of instruments to they play?


What is (insert Stabbing Westward song here) about?

What is Chris whispering on "Crushing Me"? What soundtracks have Stabbing Westward contributed to? Why does "Ungod" (the song) sound like Filter's "Hey Man Nice Shot"? What is "Everything I Touch"? What covers has Stabbing Westward done? What videos have been made?


What is Haunted Reality, and how do I join?

Where is the official Stabbing Westward homepage? How do I get on/off and post to the mailing list? How can I find archives of mailing list messages (from the old list)? How can I find archives of mailing list messages (from the new list)? How do I get on the Stabbing Westward IRC chat room? What can I do to make the mailing list a better place? When is Stabbing Westward playing in my home town?