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Clicking on a track from any of the albums will bring you to the lyrics. There is also a list of (almost) every other song No Doubt has ever played, but not officially released.

No Doubt
1. BND (instrumental) No Doubt
2. Let's Get Back
3. Ache
4. Get On The Ball
5. Move On
6. Sad For Me
7. Doormat
8. Doormat
9. Big City Train
10. Trapped In A Box
11. Sometimes
12. Sinking
13. A Little Something Refreshing
14. Paulina
15. Brand New Day
The Beacon Street Collection
1. Open The Gate The Beaconstreet Collection
2. Blue In The Face
3. Total Hate 95
4. Stricken
5. Greener Pastures
6. By The Way
7. Snakes
8. That's Just Me
9. Squeal
10. Doghouse
Tragic Kingdom
1. Spiderwebs Tragic Kingdom
2. Excuse Me Mr.
3. Just A Girl
4. Happy Now?
5. Different People
6. Hey You
7. The Climb
8. Sixteen
9. Sunday Morning
10. Don't Speak
11. You Can Do It
12. World Go 'Round
13. End It On This
14. Tragic Kingdom
Return of Saturn
1. Ex-Girlfriend Return Of Saturn
2. Simple Kind Of Life
3. Bathwater
4. Six Feet Under
5. Magic's In The Makeup
6. Artificial Sweetener
7. Marry Me
8. New
9. Too Late
10. Comforting Lie
11. Suspension Without Suspense
12. Staring Problem
13. Home Now
14. Dark Blue
15. Big Distraction
16. Too Late (instrumental)
Rock Steady
1 Rock Steady (intro) Rock Steady
2 Hella Good
3 Hey Baby
4 Making Out
5 Underneath It All
6 Detective
7 Don't Let Me Down
8 Start The Fire
9 Running
10 In My Head
11 Platinum Blonde Life
12 Waiting Room
13 Rock Steady
Abc's Miscellaneous
All The Time
Almost Blue
Beauty Contest
Bouncin' Shoes
Cellophane Boy
Dear John
D.J.'s / A Message To You Rudy
Don't Speak (demo)
El Matador
Everything Always
Everything's Wrong
Full Circle
Getting Started
Ghost Town
Give A Little Love
Hide And Seek
I Throw My Toys Around
I'm Pregnant
It's The End Of The World As We Know It
Let Me Blow Ya Mind
Love To Love You Baby
Mighty Mouse
Move On (demo)
My Room Is Still Clean
No Doubt
Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
Oi To The World
Paulina (demo)
Pawn Shop
Sailin' On
Saw Red
Show Off
So Far, So Pleased
South Side
Spiderwebs (demo)
Star Wars Imperial Marrch
Star Wars Intro
Touch And Go
Under Construction
Up Yours
What's Cooking
What's Going On
Where's Your Lovin'?
Wicked Day
You Can't Teach An Ol' Dog New Tricks
You're So Foxy
You're The Boss