(E. Stefani, J. McMahon, G. Stefani, J. Spence)
unreleased demo


Why don't you, do what you do
Why not use your bouncin' shoes

Bought 'em at a corner store, they cost a pretty price
Put them on my bouncing feet, I wore them every night
Love the way they hug my feet
I even wear them to sleep, asleep, asleep, asleep.

Whenever I put bouncin' shoes right before me
I like to run a race and I like to climb a tree
I poke them in backs (?),
I put them in their tracks (?),
I like to put them in your face (?), yeah yeah.
huh whoa whoa, whoa whoa, bouncin' shoes

I don't know if I can --- running down the green
Every dang --- here knows just what I mean
I'm bouncin', I'm skankin', I'm runnin', I'm playin'
But when you put them on it feels like it's a dream

Goin' to a concert where the band was playing live,
Well I shuffle to the bouncin beat. I'm bouncin with the crowd,
Bouncin' with the crowd, I'm bouncin' with the crowd
And then I yell throughout the crowd yeah yeah.

Whooo. da da da da da la da da da.......

Why don't you, do what you do,
Why not use your bouncin shoes!