(T. Kanal)

live B-side from the Squeal single

"My Room Is Still Clean" may definitely be the oddest track in the No Doubt catalog, in fact the only version in existence is a muddy and distorted live recording - Fullerton - featured on the B-side of the vinyl single for "Squeal". Starting off with an intro which is reminiscent of "Move On", it abruptly turns into a thrashy punk song. The lyrics are so indecipherable that I can not print them here, but according to Tom, the song was written by "neat freak" Tony at a time when things in his life weren't going well, and it's about being under stress - and, as a result, cleaning your room.

I go through drawers then vacume it
My room is still clean
I toss an old bathrobe in the trash
My room is still clean
Nothing kills time so fast
My room is still clean
I used to scrub a greasy tub
My room is still clean

Yeah I keep my room in order
Here I find my place to rest
The outside world is in trouble
Here my life is free of mess