(E. Stefani, B. Palazzo)
currently unreleased

Only existing as a demo, this song features a male vocal as well as Gwen's, which could either be John Spence or Alan Meade depending on the time it was recorded. No Doubt was heard soundchecking this song at least once during the ROCK SHOW tour.

There's no doubt in my mind
That you're like the other kind
You try but you can't
Appear to be different

No Doubt!!
No Doubt!!
Yeahhh..(heh heh heh heh)
No Doubt!!
No Doubt!!

Heh heh heh heh heh heh, Pick it up, say

Without a doubt yeahhh... Without a doubt

The start of the night
Brings about a different light
With the onslaught of your friends
The new light is shown again

No Doubt!!
No Doubt!!
Yeah.. No Doubt!!
No Doubt!!
(I said) No Doubt!!!
(Noooo Douuuubbbt!)
No Doubt!!