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December 17, 1998

News - Brooks Wants to Sell 100M Albums (12-17-98)

December 14, 1998

News - Garth Brooks sees 'Double' stay live at the top (12-14-98)

December 10, 1998

Webmaster - I just got a new e-mail address ([email protected]) for the web page.

December 5, 1998

News - Garth Brooks tops One Million albums in 1st week of sales. (11-25-98)

News - Mom's illness reason for Brooks' new hit. (11-23-98)

News - Double Live draws crowds to stores across the country. (11-18-98)

Pictures - 5 pictures from the Dublin Cover of Double Live.

Lyrics - Lyrics to Garth's newest song "It's Your Song".

November 14

News - Garth Brooks questions projected album sales at Wal-mart. (11-14-98.html)

November 10

News - Garth Brooks offers Free Concert Live in your back yard.(11-10-98.html)

November 9

News - EMI expects boffo Brooks biz (11-09-98.html)

November 3

News - Garth Brooks performs Live Concert for Wal-mart. (11-03-98.html)

October 22, 1998

News - Garth Brooks gives consumers choice(10-22-98.html)

Pictures - Check out the newest picture submitted to the Garthoholic Webpage.

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