Scrap Book

The Scrap Book is devoted to Garth Brooks Concert Pictures, Special Events, and other pictures that the "people" have taken of Garth.


Garth Brooks at Brazil
Pictures courtesy of Mara Migliorini

Garth Brooks at Las Vegas, 1998
Pictures courtesy of Hal Goldblatt

Garth Brooks at Buffalo, NY. 1998
Pictures courtesy of Dina Boyels

Garth Brooks at Wal-Mart Series
Pictures courtesy of David Moreno

Garth Brooks at Charlotte, NC. 1998
Pictures courtesy of Carmen Socorro

Garth Brooks at Evansville, IN. 1998
Pictures courtesy of Kevin Kenny

Garth Brooks at Evansville, IN. 1998 II
Pictures courtesy of Diane Guest

We Need Your Help! If you have any pictures you would like to share, just give us an e-mail and we will post them on the Scrap Book. We Post the owner, and all of the Copy Right Information. Thanks and Enjoy the photos.

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