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Webmaster Policy

A. All Files to be uploaded in the cgi-bin folder must be pre-approved by MFC .

B. All files that are put in the cgi-bin should have their permissions set to 7-7-5 and warning triggers should be turned off unless you're testing. All other files should have the permissions set to rw-rw--

C. All files that are loaded to your account can only be directly related to the artist/band that your fan site features. This accounts for all audio files, videos and pictures.

D. No advertisements by competitors of,, MFC,,, or any of the sites listed on is to be allowed. If you have a pop-up you must be able to set a cookie with an expiration of one day so that the pop-ups doesn't irritate visitors.

E. On all discography, audio/video, and/or download pages there must be an advertisement with link for visitors to purchase that music if it's available on You earn commission on all sales made from your site to the MacroMusic retail store.

F. There should be at least one spot on the main page that recommends visitors to get a VIP membership at MFC.

G. Each page or at least the main pages and secondary pages should state that you are a part of MFC with a link back to our main page.

H. Forums are no longer allowed in your own account folder. If you want a message forum/BBS you must use the one that is supplied by MFC. MFC Forums

I. Banner and advertisement source codes that are supplied by MFC should be placed within 2 weeks of a request.

J. MP3's, Videos, and Full-length Wave Audios are not allowed on the Music Fan Clubs Server without proof of a license, contract, or copyright that the file or files are legal for distribution by the owners or copyright holders. Proof of documents must be faxed (Fax# 913-663-3200) to MFC to grant permission for files to exist on the MFC Server otherwise files will be deleted off the server immediately.

* Any violations of this policy can result in suspension or loss of your fan site.

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