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"Stigmata" gets Corgan tune for soundtrack
[August 1999] Smashing Pumpkins leader Billy Corgan has recorded 40 minutes of atmospheric music and a new pop song for the upcoming movie "Stigmata," according to a spokesperson for the band's label and the project's sound engineer. The film score is expected to be released as a soundtrack album Aug. 10, Virgin Records' Ann Pryor said, noting that Corgan's musical contribution to the film also included a song that may feature vocals from Australian chanteuse Natalie Imbruglia, who had a hit with the 1998 single “Torn.”

Pumpkins plan to release documentary Fall 1999
The Smashing Pumpkins plan to release a video documentary chronicling the recording of their 1998 album, Adore, and the U.S. and European tour that followed, according to the group's official website. MTV producer Jesse Ignjatovic directed the as-yet-untitled documentary, scheduled to be released in the fall.

New album set for February 2000 release
The Smashing Pumpkins continue to record their new album, now slated for release in February 2000. The band is once again working with producer Flood, who helped out with their multi-platinum double CD Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness.

Pumpkins to play VH1 Fashion Awards confirmed.
[October 1, 1998] A couple days ago USA Today printed a small article about the performers at the VH1 Fashion Awards, and among them are the Smashing Pumpkins.Thanks to Matt for the info

Pumpkins open for televised Kiss concert
[September 25, 1998] it is now confirmed that the Pumpkins are going to open for Kiss on their Halloween concert special, which will be televised on Fox and be in 3D. Thanks to Devin for the info.

Pumpkins to play VH1 Fashion Awards?
[September 24, 1998] I recieved word that the Smashing Pumpkins will be playing the VH1 Fashion Awards Oct. 27. As far as I know, the bands are yet to be announced, but this could be true, I'll keep you posted. Thanks to Matt for the info.

Smashing Pumpkins raise over $2.8 on charity tour [September 23, 1998]
The Smashing Pumpkins have managed to raise over $2.8 on their recent charity tour for children's charities. [Full Story]

New Discography, more updates coming.
[September 21, 1998] Check out the new discography with new items, design and scans. Check what's new? for upcoming changes.

Billy Corgan to sing at baseball game
[September 18, 1998] Billy Corgan is going to be singing "Take me Out to the Ball Game" during the seventh inning stretch as a tribute to the later Harry Cary who made the song popular. Thanks to Devin for the info.

the Pumpkins on TV
[September 18, 1998] The Pumpkins are going to perform on the Muchmusic video music awards this Thursday September 24th. and they will also appear on the Chris Rock show on Oct. 2. Thanks to Ray for the info.

Site Update
[September 16, 1998] As you can see, the main page has a new look, now without frames, please be patient as over the next couple days I will update the rest of the site.

Billy Corgan on Howard Stern
[September 15, 1998] Part 2 of a 2 part interview with Billy Corgan is on E! tonight @ 11:00 PM ET. Thanks to CHUHW for this info.

Smashing Pumpkins to play SNL
[September 2, 1998] The Smashing Pumpkins will appear on the Sept. 26 season opener. SP will also appear on the Chris Rock Show. Source: Sonicnet

I'm back
[September 2, 1998] I am now done moving and will now begin updating the news again. Also be on the look out for a BIG update coming very soon.

Virgin Records site update
[August 23, 1998] Virgin records has added RealAudio and RealVideo clips of the Pumpkins on their site. check it out, there is some cool stuff there, here and here

[August 23, 1998] I am currently in the process of moving and will not be able to make updates to the page for 5 days, when I get back I will make an update to Audio, news, etc.

Celebrity Skin RealAudio
[August 23, 1998] I received an email from CDNow about they have RealAudio clips of Hole's new album celebrity skin, which has been the source of controversy dealing with Billy Corgan's involvement. check it out for yourself.

Pumpkins to perform with Kiss?
[August 21, 1998] Kiss is going to play a 200 date tour to support their new album "Psycho Circus" and it is rumored that the Pumpkins will perform with them at the LA Halloween show October 31 at Dodger Stadium in LA. Source: MTV

Join the campaign, help the Pumpkins
[August 20, 1998] I have been informed of a campaign to get the "Perfect" video played on MTV's Total Request this Friday. If you would like to help, vote for the Pumpkins this Friday here or call 1-800-DIAL-MTV.

More info on upcoming Soundtrack
[August 19, 1998] The "First Love, Last Rites" Soundtrack is going to be released August 25. The Whole Soundtrack is done by Shudder to Think and features guest vocals on the song "When I was Born, I was Born" by Billy Corgan.

Perfect on MTV's total request
[August 18, 1998] Perfect was #10 on MTV's Total Request show yesterday. Go to MTV and vote for Perfect.

The Perfect single released Sept. 7
[August 17, 1998] Hut records will release the "Perfect" single on Sept. 7. in the UK. the US release date is yet to be announced.

Perfect Video to premiere the 16th
[August 13, 1998] the video for Perfect will be premiered on the 16th on 120 minutes, check it out. Source: MTV

Pumpkin include fans in Perfect video
[July 27, 1998] Los Angeles Pumpkins fans had a chance to be an extra in the new video for "Perfect." The LA radio station KROQ gave out the number 310.656.4693 for fans to call to get more info on being an extra. [Full Story]

Pumpkins' Toronto show
[July 27, 1998] There is a negative review of Toronto's Massey Hall concert last Monday. [Review]

Billy defends Puffy
[July 26, 1998] Billy Corgan defended Puff Daddy during Sunday's Intimate and Interactive. Corgan says that he's a "brilliant guy" and that they "respect what he's doing musically." [Full Story]

Pumpkins catch escaped murderer
[July 21, 1998] a convicted murderer escaped to attend the free Minneapolis concert. and was later arrested during the concert. [Full Story]

Pumpkins on Letterman
[July 19, 1998] The Smashing Pumpkins are going to play on David Letterman July 30

Getting intimate with the Pumpkins
[July 17, 1998] Early yesterday, there was quite a mob out on MuchMusic's sidewalk lined up to score wristbands for this Sunday's Intimate and Interactive with the Smashing Pumpkins (July 19 at 9p.m.). In fact, videographer, Cory Atkins, discovered that many of them started lining up for their chance to get wristbands the night before. Source: Muchmusic

Puff Daddy remixes Pumpkins songs
[July 16, 1998] Puff Daddy has remixed two Pumpkins songs 'Ava Adore' and 'Perfect' from their latest album, 'Adore.' I am personally not looking forward to hearing how Puffy destroys these great songs. Source: MTV.

'Perfect' to be the next video from SP
[July 16, 1998] Perfect is going to be the next video by the Pumpkins and it will be directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris (directors of 'Tonight, Tonight') later this month. Source: Addicted to Noise.

Smashing Pumpkins hope to raise $2 Million for charity
[July 8, 1998] The Pumpkins talk about their feelings toward Chicago and their hope to raise $2.3 million for children's charities. [Full Story] Muzic.com also has a story on this [Full Story]

Smashing Pumpkins' High Profile Charity Tour
[July 6, 1998] Addicted to Noise looks at the self-aggrandizing shown by the Pumpkins about their charity tour. Are the Pumpkins bringing too much attention to themselves for their charitable acts? [Full Story]

Billy Corgan seeks new image for Gen-X
[July 4, 1998] Muzic.com has more on the Pumpkin's charity concert and their attempt to change the indifferent Gen-X slacker stereotype. [Full Story]

Smashing Pumpkins day declared
[July 3, 1998] The Smashing Pumpkins charity tour started out in San Francisco with many surprizes including Mayor Willie Brown's office formally declaring it Smashing Pumpkins day. [Full Story]

Charity begins at Oakland School
[July 1, 1998] the Pumpkins recently visited an Oakland, California school and explained to them the reasons for giving all the procedes of their current tour to charities. [Full Story]

Billy explains the meaning of Adore (part 3)
[July 1, 1998] This is part three of the Allstar Magazine interview. if you haven't read the other parts, here they are. [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3]

More on the Hole album controversy
[June 28, 1998] USA Today has more on the story about Billy Corgan's involement in Hole's new album, where it says he called himself the "Svengali" and also said he did "the full Monty" on some of the tracks. [Full Story]

Charity begins at Oakland School
[July 1, 1998] the Pumpkins recently visited an Oakland, California school and explained to them the reasons for giving all the procedes of their current tour to charities. [Full Story]

Billy explains the meaning of Adore (part 3)
[July 1, 1998] This is part three of the Allstar Magazine interview. if you haven't read the other parts, here they are. [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3]

More on the Hole album controversy
[June 28, 1998] USA Today has more on the story about Billy Corgan's involement in Hole's new album, where it says he called himself the "Svengali" and also said he did "the full Monty" on some of the tracks. [Full Story]

The Pumpkins play Much music I&I [June 27, 1998]
the Smashing Pumpkins are going to be playing MuchMusic's Intimate & Interactive. On July 19th at 9 PM (ET) the pumpkins will perform live in Muchmusic's parking lot and will answer questions via phone, fax, email and speaker's corner for 90 minutes. [
Full Story]

Billy Corgan Discusses Adore Lineup Changes (part 2) [June 27, 1998]
Allstar has part 2 of yesterdays interview up. check it out. [

Billy Corgan discusses the quintessential Pumpkins album (part 1)
[June 26, 1998] Allstar has an interview with Billy Corgan where he discusses the reason for his music departure in Adore. [Interview]

Smashing Pumpkins are trying to make more money for charities
[June 23, 1998] Another reason the pumpkins have moved the Soldier Feild show is because New World Music Theatre is waving it's usually rental fee so the pumpkins can give more money to charity [Full Story]

Smashing Pumpkins move to a smaller venue for benefit show [June 22, 1998]
because the ticket sales for the Soldier Feild benefit show have stalled at 20,000 they have decided to move the concert to New World Music Theatre in suburban Tinley Park. Source:

Pumpkins add two LA shows to benefit concert [June 21, 1998]
The Smashing Pumpkins have added two shows to their "Evening with the Pumpkins" benefit tour. The shows are July 1 and 2 at Universal Amphitheatre. Tickets for these two shows go on sale June 27 and will benefit the Five Acres Boys' and Girls' Aid Society, a center for the prevention and treatment of child abuse. Source:

Hole's new album is going to be a smash [June 20, 1998]
Billy Corgan said that Hole's new album, Celebrity Skin (which Corgan claims to have made significant contributions to), is a smash and is going to be a fantastic album. [
Full Story]

Adore falls to #8 on the billboard [June 19, 1998]
Adore has fallen to #8 from #2 this week on the Billboard 200. Adore sold 96,000 copies this week (down from the 173,996 copies last week). Source:

For the Masses [June 17, 1998]
The Smashing Pumpkins are going to be on the Depeche Mode Tribute album, which comes out in August 4th and features the song "Never Let me Down" (which was on the rocket single). [
Full Story]
- RealAudio of Never Let me Down [
28.8] [56K]

The Smashing Pumpkins an international sensation [June 15, 1998]
The Pumpkins are becoming an international sensation. Adore debuted at #2 in the US. It is #1 in seven countries, and in the top five in other countries. [
Full Story]

Billy Corgan, the Mastermind behind Hole's new album [June 11, 1998]
Despite the fact that Hole is downplaying Billy Corgan's involvement in their new album, Celebrity Skin, Corgan clams that he was the Svengali behind Hole's new album and wrote 25% of everything on the album. [
Full Story]

Adore debuts at #2 [June 10, 1998]
The Smashing Pumpkins debuted at #2 (Master P's Da Last Don was #1) selling 173,996 copies. Source:
Allstar News.

Pumpkins announce charity Tour [June 8, 1998]
The Pumpkins have announced a 14-show charity tour and all ticket sales revenue will go to local youth charities
Full Story]

The Pumpkins to play benifit show [June 5, 1998]
The Pumpkins are going to play a benifit concert in Chicago's Soldier Field at 7:30 with Cheap Trick as the opening act. The concert will benefit the Make-a-Wish Foundation of Northan Illinois tickets go on sale June 13 at noon and will be $30 a piece. [
Full Story]

The Pumpkins talk tour [June 4, 1998]
MTV has a story about the Pumpkins touring, in which Billy Corgan says that they will stop touring September to work on the album. Also includes a
Quicktime movie (842 KB) of the Bilboa, Spain concert. [Full Story]

The Great Pumpkins [June 3, 1998]
Newsweek has a one page article about the Pumpkins' new album and the recent status of rock. [
Full Story]

Adore Rocks!!! [June 1, 1998]
Well, Adore was released today, and it's incredible. I will have Audio for both Adore and the Ava Adore single within the next couple of days. I'd like to hear everyone else's opinion on the new CD, so post you thoughts on the
message board or email me.

An Adore Album Review [June 1, 1998]
The Boston Phoenix has a good review of Adore, where they call it "deep summer-hits album." [

Smashing Pumpkins Interview [May 31, 1998]
Addicted to Noise has a huge interview with the Smashing Pumpkins which goes into great depth about Adore. [Interview]

The Free Chicago Concert is Off [May 27, 1998]
Because of the large amounts of fans that the Smashing Pumpkins would bring in, the proposed free Chicago concert is off. Billy Corgan said, "It's one of the biggest heartbreaks I've ever had in my life." [
Full Story]

The Pumpkins drop Lisa Germano (confirmed). [May 24, 1998]
Allstar magazine has confirmed that Lisa Germano has been dropped from the Pumpkins tour line-up. The Pumpkins allegedly told reporters that the reason for dumping Lisa was a fight, but Lisa says this is untrue. [Full Story]

The Pumpkins allegedly drop Lisa Germano. [May 22, 1998]
According to Live! Daily The Smashing Pumpkins have reportedly dropped Lisa Germano from their tour line up.[Full Story]

Rhinoceros Video [May 21, 1998]
For those of you who have never seen the Rhinoceros video, you can go to AltVideo.com and watch Rhinoceros in vivo format. Unless you already have it, you'll need to download the software to watch it but it's a pretty cool video.

The Pumpkins Sue Westwood One [May 20, 1998]
The Smashing Pumpkins filed a million dollar lawsuit against Westwood One Inc. for selling a seven year old interview of the Pumpkins to Sound and Media Ltd., who distributed the interview to major record stores like Tower Records.[Full Story]

The Pumpkins play on a houseboat [May 19, 1998]
The Smashing Pumpkins played their Genoa, Italy concert on top of a houseboat. Billy saidabout the concert, "We should be able to play a great concert with no one knowing thesongs. If the band is good, the songs are good; the concert will be fine. If the band sucks,the songs and the concert suck. It's that simple. And, in fact, a band like ours should notrely on people knowing the songs to do a great concert." [Full Story]

The Smashing Pumpkins on Ultra Sound [May 16, 1998]
The Smashing Pumpkins will be on the MTV show Ultra Sound on May 24. The show will be
about the making of the upcoming album, Adore.

Matt Cameron to be Pearl Jam drummer [May 15, 1998]
Wall of Sound mentions in their Release date details of Adore that Matt Cameron, who played drums on some of the tracks of Adore is going to join Pearl Jam.

More info on the possible Free Chicago concert [May 13, 1998]
Muzic.com has a story about the free concert in Chicago's Grant Park that the Pumpkins
might do. It will happen around the fourth of July and will feature Cheap Trick as opening
act. Although nothing has yet been confirmed, plans for the concert are progressing.
Full Story]

Pumpkins to play another show? [May 12, 1998]
Although the Pumpkins said that Minneapolis was the only city that agreed to host the band for a free show. the Pumpkins are in discussion with Chicago to play a free concert in July, but as of now nothing has been confirmed. Source: Jam TV

Matt Walker makes his debut [May 12, 1998]
Matt Walker, who was the touring drummer with the pumpkins after the firing of Jimmy Chaimberlain and who also played drums on 6 tracks for Adore, has made his Los Angeles debut with his band, the Cupcakes in two show at the Viper Room. [
Full Story]

The End of the SPAA? [May 11, 1998]
Shan Pin Koh is accused of "computer misuse" by Michigan Technological University for hosting the Smashing Pumpkins Audio Archive, an excellent collection of Smashing Pumpkins MP3s (Audio files). A hearing to decide his punishment is scheduled for Monday. Despite the fact that the site never recieved any complaints from Virgin Records or the RIAA (Recording Industry Artists of America) he could face an expulsion from Michigan Technological University for it. [
Full Story]

Pumpkins on MTV [May 10, 1998]
On MTV there was an a short interview with the pumpkins where Billy Corgan stated that the pumpkins were all about changing, and that just because the last album was popular it doesn't mean that they should keep making music like that. Also it was mentioned that the Pumpkins are going to be on UltraSound on MTV May 30 at 10:00.

Depeche Mode Tribute Album [May 10, 1998]
The Pumpkins' cover of the Depeche Mode song "Never Let me Down" is going to be on the Depeche Mode tribute album, so those who wanted that song and can't get their hands on the Rocket single should check it out.

Billy Corgan on Adore [May 8, 1998]
Billy Corgan says of the new album Adore that "It's pretty weird." He also said: "We've always tried to stay at the forefront of new music, and I feel we're right back to where we belong. I'm sure it'll leave some people scratching their heads. But we are an alternative band. We're going to stay that way." [
Full Story]

Pumpkins to play free Minneapolis Show [May 7, 1998]
the Smashing Pumpkins are going to play a free show in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on July 17 for the Aquatennial celebration at the Hennepin Avenue Block Party. They expect to draw over 100,000 people. [Full Story]

Pumpkins cancel H.O.R.D.E. date [May 6, 1998]
the Smashing Pumpkins have pulled out of the opening day of H.O.R.D.E which was
scheduled for July 9th in Somerset, Wisconsin due to scheduling conflicts. [
Full Story]

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