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Smashing Pumpkins Greatest Hits is out!!
This album totally rocks too. You can get it online Here. Enjoy!

Buy Greatest Hits cd Track Listings
Disc 1
1. Siva
2. Rhinoceros
3. Drown
4. Cherub Rock
5. Today
6. Disarm
7. Landslide
8. Bullet With Butterfly Wings
9. 1979
10. Zero
11. Tonight, Tonight
12. Ave Adore
13. Perfect
14. Eye
15. Everlasting Gaze
16. Stand Inside Your Love
17. Real Love
18. Untitled

Disc 2
1. Lucky 13
2. Aeroplane Flies High
3. Because You Are
4. Slow Dawn
5. Believe
6. My Mistake
7. Marquis In Spades
8. Here's To The Atom Bomb
9. Sparrow
10. Waiting
11. Saturnine
12. Rock On
13. Set The Ray
14. Winterlong
15. Soot And Stars
16. Blissed And Gone

Buy This Album Today at!

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No Tours scheduled as of 11/19/2001

However you can catch Billy Corgan in his other band called "Zwan".

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Pumpkins 'Greatest Hits' due out 11/20/01. Buy it at macromusic today!
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