Site created: March 9, 1998

March 17, 2000
I got this from someone in the mail:

Please post this on you site: On March 17 (st. patrick's day) Rock God Billy Corgan turns 33. all responsible pumpkins fans are encouraged to vote for the song "Thirty-Three" to be played on MTV's TRL on this date. For more information:

Year 2000
Still looking for help with the site. Looking for someone to take over webmaster duties. Please get back to me if you are interested. I feel that in the upcoming months there will be a huge amount of news about the Pumpkins, and I would like this site to have the latest news. E-mail me and let me know

December 1999
Looking for help with the site. Would you like to be a webmaster here? Supply the news and other site editions? E-mail me and let me know

November 1999
New webmaster. Write him an e-mail and help him out.

September 21, 1998
The new discography has just been updated (yes, again) , with a new look, new items and scans. I'm hoping to get scans of some of the vinyls up very soon too. The Audio and Song list will be updated very soon (within the next day or two) and then I will start working on the Collector's guide. Check this section for changes, as I will begin updating a lot.

August 10, 1998
I just finished up with the discography, I still have some more CDs to scan, but if you can contribute any scans (I especially need help with cassette scans) it would be greatly appreciated. Some of the links to songs in the discography don't work, but I'll start working on getting more songs up and then I'll start working on getting some more audio up (including more rare and some live tracks). If you have an comments, complaints, or questions about the new discography or anything else, please email me

July 16, 1998:
A major update for the page is on the way, including a new (and much more acurate) discography. Also the Audio section will be redone to make it easier to listen to the songs you want to and also more rare songs. other site and graphic changes are on the way.

June 8, 1998:
I added Audio for Adore and the Ava Adore single.

June 1, 1998:
Well, as you can see I moved to Music Fan Clubs Organization, and the site is sporting a new look along with a message board and the addition of a news section for new and archived news. the RealAudio should be fixed within the next couple of days and I will also add Audio from Adore and the Ava Adore single.

May 11, 1998:
Added A Very Special Christmas 3 to Audio section.

May 10, 1998:
Singles Soundtrack to Audio section.

May 9, 1998:
Changed the Links section.

May 8. 1998:
Changed the Discography.

May 6, 1998:
Added Smashing Pumpkins Tour dates. Added a couple Singles and Compilations to the Audio section.

May 4, 1998:
Redid the Audio section (again) making it a lot easier to listen to audio on the page (the rest of the audio will be added shortly).

April 28, 1998:
Major update. Added almost all of the songs (MP3 and RealAudio) to the
Audio section. Changed the discography, now it is more accurate.

April 24, 1998:
Added Zero and Thirty-Three Singles RealAudio songs to

April 23, 1998:
Links section. Added 1979 RealAudio songs to Audio.

April 20, 1998:
Added Siamese Dream RealAudio songs to

April 19, 1998:
Added Gish RealAudio songs to

April 18, 1998:
Major update to the Sounds Section (now called
Audio) with the addition of RealAudio (So far, just Mellon Collie, but there are more to come.) Also changed the side menu, renamed site new to what's new and added an email option to the menu.

April 15,1998:
Changed the main page around, for better viewing of those with 640x480. Added
Peel Sessions to Sound Clips.

April 12, 1998:
Added a link to

April 9, 1998:
Adore info.

April 8, 1998:
Bullet with Butterfly Wings single to Sound Clips section.

April 3, 1998:
I've added the
Tonight, Tonight single to the sound clips section and redid some of the graphics on the page. Added a couple of sounds to the files section.

March 28, 1998:
Ransom Soundtrack to Sound Clips section.

March 25, 1998:
Added tons of clips to the
Sound Clips section.

March 13, 1998:
Added a couple more clips to
Sound Clips section. Added fonts and movies to Files section.

March 11, 1998:
Added 1979 and In the Arms of Sleep clips to the
Sound clips section.

March 9, 1998:
I finally put up the site. Be on the look out for cool stuff in the future.

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