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Billy Corgan on Howard Stern
[September 15, 1998] Part 2 of a 2 part interview with Billy Corgan is on E! tonight @ 11:00 PM ET. Thanks to CHUHW for this info.

Smashing Pumpkins to play SNL
[September 2, 1998] The Smashing Pumpkins will appear on the Sept. 26 season opener. SP will also appear on the Chris Rock Show. Source: Sonicnet

I'm back
[September 2, 1998] I am now done moving and will now begin updating the news again. Also be on the look out for a BIG update coming very soon.

Virgin Records site update
[August 23, 1998] Virgin records has added RealAudio and RealVideo clips of the Pumpkins on their site. check it out, there is some cool stuff there, here and here

[August 23, 1998] I am currently in the process of moving and will not be able to make updates to the page for 5 days, when I get back I will make an update to Audio, news, etc.

Celebrity Skin RealAudio
[August 23, 1998] I recieved an email from CDNow about they have RealAudio clips of Hole's new album celebrity skin, which has been the source of controversy dealing with Billy Corgan's involment. check it out for yourself.

Pumpkins to perform with Kiss?
[August 21, 1998] Kiss is going to play a 200 date tour to support their new album "Psycho Circus" and it is rumored that the Pumpkins will perform with them at the LA Halloween show October 31 at Dodger Stadium in LA. Source: MTV

Join the campaign, help the Pumpkins
[August 20, 1998] I have been informed of a campaign to get the "Perfect" video played on MTV's Total Request this Friday. If you would like to help, vote for the Pumpkins this friday here or call 1-800-DIAL-MTV.

More info on upcoming Soundtrack
[August 19, 1998] The "First Love, Last Rites" Soundtrack is going to be released August 25. The Whole Soundtrack is done by Shudder to Think and features guest vocals on the song "When I was Born, I was Born" by Billy Corgan.

Perfect on MTV's total request
[August 18, 1998] Perfect was #10 on MTV's Total Request show yesterday. Go to MTV and vote for Perfect.

The Perfect single released Sept. 7
[August 17, 1998] Hut records will release the "Perfect" single on Sept. 7. in the UK. the US release date is yet to be announced.

Perfect Video to premiere the 16th
[August 13, 1998] the video for Perfect will be premiered on the 16th on 120 minutes, check it out. Source: MTV

Billy Corgan on Black Sabbath solo album
[August 12, 1998] Billy Corgan along with other quests is going to appear on Black Sabath guitarist, Tony lommi's solo album. [Full Story]

CNN Showbiz article
[August 12, 1998] CNN has a has audio and video of the interview that took place yesterday with the Smashing Pumpkins. [Article]

SP on CNN's Showbiz
[August 11, 1998] The Pumpkins were on CNN's showbiz yesterday at 5:30, although I didn't see it, there is a post of the transcript on the Smashing Pumpkins newsgroup. [Transcript]

The new discography
[August 10, 1998] I just finished up the discography, I'm not done with all the scans yet, but you can check it out. check out What's New for details.

Shudder to Think Soundtrack
[August 7, 1998] Here's some more info on the Soundtrack, it's a soundtrack for the film "First Love, Last Rites," and the entire soundtrack is written by Shudder to Think. Billy Corgan will be one of the guest vocalists along with many others on the Soundtrack. The movie comes out August 7, and the Soundtrack comes out August 25.

Billy's involvement in Hole's last album.
[August 7, 1998] Sonicnet has another story about some comments Billy made to Howard Stern about Hole's latest album and how his contributions really made the album what it is, despite what she thinks. [Full Story]

Touring pianoist plays songs on NIN CD
[August 6, 1998] Mike Garson, the touring keyboardist with the Smashing Pumpkins, has recorded 15 tracks on the new Nine Inch Nails album which is due out for releases January or maybe earlier. Thanks to Brian for the info.
[August 6, 1998] Rockcovers is a pretty cool site, it has RealAudio of covers done by other bands along with original songs done by them, and it includes a couple Pumpkins songs covered by different bands. You should definately check this it out.

Smashing Pumpkins on Soundtracks
[August 5, 1998] There is word that the Pumpkins are going to be on the soundtracks for "I still know what you did last summer" and "Vampires." the Pumpkins could be on either of these I will tell you when official confirmation comes. Billy is involved in the "Shudder to Think" Soundtrack which comes out August 25.

Live from the 10 Spot
[August 5, 1998] Although RockonTV no longer lists the Live from the 10 Spot Smashing Pumpkins show that was supposed to be on August 7, MTV still lists Live from the 10 spot in their weekly schedule on thei r site, so I don't know if the Pumpkins are gonna be on, but just in case you should check it out.

Live from the 10 Spot cancelled?
[August 3, 1998] RockonTV no longer has the Live at the 10 Spot show that the Pumpkins were supposed to be on listed, I take it from this that the show will not be happening on August 7.

Corgan disappointed by Adore sales
[August 2, 1998] Billy Corgan has indicated that he might not rush to the studio to start on a new album like originally planned but may continue touring to support Adore due to what he considers disappointing sales. [Full Story]

[August 2, 1998] Thanks to Bobby for informing me that Charlie Rose (the show which Billy Corgan will appear on tommorow) is on PBS and not CBS. sorry about that.

Smashing Pumpkins to play free NY Show
[July 29, 1998] Tommorow, after the Pumpkins finish taping their performance for the David Letterman Show (on which they will play the song "Perfect"), at 6:30 they'll play a one hour set outside the Ed Sullivan Theatre. Source: Ticketmaster

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Important Dates
September 7, 1998
"Perfect" single released in UK.

September 26, 1998
SP play on Saturday Night Live (NBC)


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