Hot! Hot! Hot!

Label: red phantom
Catalog Number: RPCD 2020/30
Date: june 9,1989
Venue: The Palasport,Torino
Length: 2 1/2 hr
Medium: Compact Disc
Source: Audience Recording
Album: Disintegration
  • Plainsong
  • Pictures of You
  • Closedown
  • Kyoto Song
  • A Night Like This
  • Just Like Heavan
  • Last Dance
  • Fascination Street
  • Cold
  • A Forest
  • Inbetween Days
  • Same Deep Water
  • Prayers for Rain
  • Disintegration
  • Lullaby
  • Close to Me
  • Let's Go To Bed
  • Why can't I Be You / Lovecats
  • Hot! Hot Hot!
  • Three imaginary Boys
  • Boys Don't Cry
  • Faith












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1st Disintegration bootleg I've heard with the complete bells at the beginning.
FAITH - this will have life changing effects on you! this version is so unbelievable !
Hot Hot Hot sounds pretty good for once
Just starting to perfect the Why Can't I Be You / Lovecats combination . I've heard better ones

Submitted By: [email protected] (Marc Hudock)

Arrgh! Will the clapping ever stop? (this is what you'll ask yourself during every trak) Boy oh boy, they got some real "winners" in the crowd at this one, the clapping isn't even in time with the music, don't worry on the lesser known songs there no claping, but conversation can sometimes be heard :( Cold is done really well, great opening too.

Faith is REALLY good, i dunno if it's life changing :), but it is REALLY good, LOTS of new lyrics.

Submitted by: (Ruiner)

Mmmmmmm..... Tasty........ What a good show. This is a much better document of the Prayer Tour than Dark Night. Identical set list except in encores where Hot Hot Hot, Boys Don't Cry and Faith are substituted for Homesick and Untitled. Much better. Why Can't I Be You is better as well. Porl and Roger both go off on some jazzy riffs, and Boris plays some nice swing rhythms on the hi-hat. The crowd begins to chant the main hook of Lovecats after Robert teases them with it a bit. Great intensity all the way through the show. Cold is magnificent, although Robert introduced it as being completely fucking inappropriate... As in Dark Night, he does not hold the long note in Prayer for Rain, maybe this was something he came up with later on the tour? Hot Hot Hot sounds great. Then Faith. What more needs to be said. 14 min. of brilliance. I agree it won't change your life but... The improvised lyrics are very heartfelt and are a great lead in to an amazing six-string bass solo. At one point the song seems to lift up and become more than five parts played together, but an actual living, breathing creature. WOW !! The Cure at their best live. Boris winds it down very well with the crowd clapping along all the way. During Forest which is great too of course, Roger plays some keyboard stuff which is very reminiscent of some of Robert's guitar work on the version found on the Show video. Coincidence? Simon's bass outro is very good, and the crowd is clapping along here as well. Get this CD if you can.. you won't be disappointed...

Submitted by:(Greg Williams)

By far my favorite live boot. My friend found this several years ago and I've been going crazy tring to get ahold of my own copy. If anyone knows where I could get ahold of it, I beg you to E-mail me ASAP. It has the most beautiful version of Plainsong I have ever heard and Faith, undoubtfully the greatest song ever written, it is amazing.

Submitted by: (The Stone White Clown)

The damn crowd! Who let these cretins in!! If they're not clapping insecently during familiar songs, they're talking during the best ones!

Submitted by: (Brian)

My favorite boot!! The chimes in the beginning take me right back to the Prayer tour...(I can almost see those green search lights...) I personally like the crowd gives a bit more energy to the music. Great sounding cd.. Faith is incredible..Rob is in the beginning stages of the Why can't I be you/Lovecats...(He did it much longer & smoother when I saw them a couple months after this show in 1989 at Dodger staduim) but still cool. The only negative is at the end of the first disc The same deep water at you (the guitar solo's are like fingernails on a chalkboard) the guitar is out of tune and the notes are all flat....arghhhhhh... anyway an incredible concert none the less...don't pass this one up!!!!

Submitted by: (ferofghsts)

I really like Faith, one of the best versions I have heard, the best one being their supposedly last show ever in London where he ends it by saying maybe we will see You again, but probably not (almost tears in my eyes).

The second thing I really like on this boot is the fact that Robert comes out and says this is the second encore of this bootleg, I found that really amusing.

Just one more point about the Why canīt I be You, and that is the fact that they where starting to put in the Sinatra song Young at heart here, and they had it perfected in the last Wembley show, where this song was more than brilliant.


Submitted by: (Andreas)

The crowd screaming at the intro to plainsong gives me chills every time...this is a great live recording, worth every bit of the $50 i others have said, the incessant clapping's annoying as hell, and, during Cold, you can here some sort of fight going on--someone yelling Get up! and then the mic gets bashed (the CD-mic, not robert's)...Faith--not life-changing, but really beautiful story robert's telling and his six-string solo is the best i've ever heard him do! Additionally...the broken, nonsensical, english review on the sleeve us completely absurd--possibly the worst, and funniest translation i've ever seen...

Buy this CD, if you can...

Submitted by: (Jeff)

I agree with almost everybody else, if it wasn't for the crowd clapping, this boot would be super. The sound quality leaves something to be desired, but it's still a good show. Faith is excellent.

Submitted by: (Jeff Tomczak)

If you can handle the crowd clapping like fools, then get your hands on this. This is the first bootleg I ever bought, $30. But I loved the way he did Plainsong, I just felt so moved.

I wish I could better understand what Rob said between songs, because the mic sounds so muffled. Basically a really entertaining double cd.

Submitted by: (CLEO)

Boy, do those Italians party on this 2 CD Boot. Almost nonstop clapping throughout the entire Concert. One gets the feeling of what it's like to be next to people who really enjoy The Cure in this audience recording. Unfortunately, it makes for a less pleasurable listen. A 3 of 5 on the Shadow Quality Scale dipping to 2 on the really popular songs (e.g. Just Like Heaven) *clap clap clap*

Submitted by: (Rasmus)

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