Stiff As Toys and Tall As Men

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Sleeve scan of 104.9 (XFM) Compilation

Sleeve scan of the 13th single (blue)

Sleeve scan of the 13th single (red)

Picture of the band in 1985

Poster promoting the 1984 Tour in Europe

Photo of the band in 1996

Alternative Press 1996

The band in bunnies from 96 calendar

The band in autumn from 96 calendar

Another nicely done shot of the 1996 band

Band from 96 era

Boys Don't Cry postcard

Robert reading Beano, weird!

Robert in a Betty Boop t-shirt

Cover of Boys Don't Cry Album

Cover of Boys Don't Cry 7 inch (australian)

Cover of close to me cdsingle

Cover of Concert album

Promotional for the Concert release

Cover of Cult Hero single

Picture of the band in 1984

Pic of Robert and Dave Letterman 1996

Pic of the band from press kits 1996

Robert playing guitar 1996

Cover of Entreat CD

Cover of Faith album

Announcement of a Picture Tour gig

Fascination St cd single

The band in 96 surrounded in hearts

Robert singing at Crystal Palace 1990

Robert on the cover of Rock and Folk

Promotional for the release of Excerpt

Cover of Friday I'm In Love single

Cover of the Gone! single

Head on the Door cover

Cover of the High (box set)

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