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From the babble page:

What is Babble?

Babble is an Internet mailing list devoted to discussion of the musical group The Cure. It was started in 1991 to take the place of other-voices (my previous cure mailing list, which I started in April 1989), and was run first by Pete Ashdown and then Matt Hodges. Matt graduated in the summer of 1993, and since no one else wanted to run the list, I decided to take over again. That incarnation of Babble ran until August of 1996.

Why did Babble disappear???

In the beginning, Babble was the source of information for approximately 300 subscribers. It rapidly grew to provide well over 2000 internet Cure fans with their daily fix of Cure news, gossip and general ramblings. The list became too big for the generous people at the computer science department of California State University at Chico, who had hosted the list for years. They requested that I find a new home for it before school started the fall semester in 1996. Babble was homeless for 10 months, until Timothy Lancaster appeared with his server and offered to host the list.


From the Descent mailing list page:

Descent was created for and is devoted to discussion of The Cure. Its volume fluctuates from anywhere between 10 messages a day and 50, depending on what's going on with the band and within the list itself.

From what I can tell, babble is more free form (read, more chat roomish) and Descent is more information-only.

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