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Posted By Bane On Sun, Jun 10th At 10:45 PM
In Reply To: Re: In with the new! Posted By Stabbed On Sat, May 5th At 8:24 PM
you know what, you people are fucking brain dead!
just like the populous MTV croud you are bitching
about! the band is still the same band! just with
a diffrent style, and if you don't like it than
you obviously don't know what good music is! you
fucking morons! people like you ans that Dazin
person make me sick, the new CD is wonderful, the
music is beautiful, and it still has the same
meaning as before. it's still the same depressive
music as before, just with a new sound, they are
still indus. there are songs on the cd that sound
indus. but it's not "kicking over trash cans for
no reason" indus. i'm a huge industrial fan, and
a bigger SW fan, and i think that their new CD is
wonderful, and if you don't like it than stay
outta SW chat forums! go to some kind of site
where people post bad goth poetry and bitch about
how tormented they are, you fucking idiots, you
should just rupture your ear drums so you don't
have the priviledge to listen to good music like
this, if you want to hate a band because they
fucking change their sounds then you aren't worth
of listning to their music. agreed, their new cd
is not the same as Ungod, but ungod was diffrent
than Wither, and Wither was diffrent than Darkest
Days, their music changes! keep up with the
change and respect the message behind the music,
or start listning to techno instrimental!
(a very pissed off) Bane


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