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Re: In with the new!

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Posted By Stabbed On Sat, May 5th At 8:24 PM
In Reply To: Re: In with the new! Posted By Joe On Sun, Apr 15th At 10:41 PM
>AMEN!!!! I Also agree with you. Thats exacly what
>Im tring to say, there begging to make heads
> bang less and chicks dance more!

My God, you've got to be KIDDING me!! I got a >
hold of the new cd, and almost CRIED when I >
listened to it!! The music no longer has any >
meaning other than to appeal to the mass >
populus of MTV viewers. All the emotion and >
empathy of the old music is GONE. I wouldn't > be
surprised if I see them touring with Britany >
Spears after hearing the new stuff. God amd I


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