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Does anyone know???

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Posted By Angel On Thu, Apr 5th At 4:41 PM
This is the first time i have posed here, but felt
i had to say something. Does anyone realise that
there are SW fans outside of the U.S? I live in
Scotland in the U.K. and trying to get anything
of SW's here is a complete joke. I had to get all
there albumns imported from the states. When i
tried to get each albumn every shop asistant that
i asked wither they had the albumn in stock or
not said" Sorry your looking for Stabbing who? ".
You can imagine how much this annoyed me.
Although i have all the new song's downloaded
from Napster, let's hope i manage to get this
albumn easier!! Keep your finger's crossed for
me. A very ANGRY Angel.

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