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Posted By Alex On Sat, Apr 14th At 11:25 AM
Ever since I started listening to Stabbing
Westward when I heard the single for 'What do I
have to do?' I have loved 'em, I feel that each
album had a way of narrating a part of my life,
and it was really great but lately I had been
sorta "slipping away" because ever since I broke
a sword that sent my life on track (by the way
that is not a metaphor, please don't ask me to
explain) I've been much more upbeat, and SW's old
moody metal sound just wasn't as appealing, but
now, I just heard for the first time 'the only
thing', 'so far away', and 'angel' and I gotta
say I really liked them!! While tying into a new
"poppy" sound they still keep the feeling and
emotion of thier earlier works, just in a new
angle. Normally when a band tries a new angle,
it sucks, but in my opinion, this was a very good
turn for the group. I'm a musician myself and I
most of my musical inspiration comes from this
group that we all love, I hope all of you feel
the same way as I do about the new album, and I
hope to see everybody I have told about the band
at the concert here. until we meet again,


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