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Re: Howard Stern

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Posted By irish On Sun, Aug 26th At 10:11 AM
In Reply To: Howard STern Posted By Pon On Sat, Aug 25th At 10:30 PM
I would say that to Howard just based on principle
anytime, anywhere, for any reason. That man is
way more obnoxious than anyone has a right to. It
yanks my chain that he has any influence on other
people's careers. He truly is the boil on the
butt of society. (just my personal opinion, and

>Remember that Howard STern incident? When howard
>refuse to play their music unless the GGDs
> performed for a gay sailor dance?
>How do you guys feel about it?
>If I was the GGDs, I would have told Howard to
>F$ck off and not play, then again, Howard picks
> >on everybody!


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