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Posted By Andimerbob On Fri, Aug 24th At 4:53 PM
In Reply To: SNL........ Posted By Andimerbob On Fri, Aug 24th At 1:24 PM
>Do you guys know why the goo's aren't on SNL? I
>heard in an interview that SNL hates them, but
> >I don't know why...were they already on?

They used "Iris" for a couple of skits? I did not
know that. Somebody asked something about SNL in
an interview and they said that SNL hated them or
something. I mean, how many times have they had
the same bands on there numerous times? The same
less talented band...Oh well, maybe when
Gutterflowers comes out...I mean, if they were on
MadTV, why not SNL? I'd love to see them in a
couple of sketchs, too. I mean, Goo and Mango
would definetly be something to
Mad about Goo,


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