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Posted By trac On Sat, Aug 25th At 8:00 PM
In Reply To: Re: SNL........ Posted By Andimerbob On Fri, Aug 24th At 4:53 PM
>>Do you guys know why the goo's aren't on SNL? I
>>heard in an interview that SNL hates them, but
>> >I don't know why...were they already on?

>They used "Iris" for a couple of skits? I did not
>know that. Somebody asked something about SNL in
>an interview and they said that SNL hated them
>or something. I mean, how many times have they
>had the same bands on there numerous times? The
>same less talented band...Oh well, maybe when
>Gutterflowers comes out...I mean, if they were
>on MadTV, why not SNL? I'd love to see them in a
>couple of sketchs, too. I mean, Goo and Mango
>would definetly be something to
> see...lmao...Mango...
>Mad about Goo,

...not too sure about that...although when
Christipher Walken was with Mango, it was all too


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