Boys Don't Cry

The UK and Irish versions have "But Bill Does" on the inside of the a-side groove and "From the land of 1,000 microphones" on the b-side groove. The b-side qoute was in reference to the number of mics required to record Boys Don't Cry.

7 Inch Singles

Boys Don't Cry/Plastic Passion
released 6/79
UK     FICS 002
UK     FICS 2 Po.2059 143  (promo)
Spain  2814 215  (promo - bio on back)
First single released outside of the UK. Irish copies are red, the inside groove on side A says but bill does side B says from the land of 1,000 microphones.

The Spanish pressing was a promo and had a biography on the back sleeve and a picture of the Three Imaginary Boys sleeve on the cover.

album cover

Boys Don't Cry/10:15 Saturday Night
Australia  Stunn MS399

Boys Don't Cry/Killing an Arab/Jumping Someone Else's Train
New Zealand  BFA 001

Boys Don't Cry (new vocal)/Pillbox Tales
released: 4/86
UK            FICS 24
France        883 937 7
Spain         883 937 7
Germany       883 937 7
Japan           (promo)
Japan           (+insert)
Philippines   PRO 3754

Boys Don't Cry (new vocal) both sides
released: 4/96
US     ED5118  (promo)   [??? is this the right number?]

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