What's New Archive - February '00

2/28/00 22:45:00 - The Crash Films website says that Nancy Bardawil will be directing the "Broadway" video! The video is being shot this week and will hopefully be out around the 3rd week of March!

2/27/00 21:10:45 - The first new Goo show of the year is announced! Hanly sent me a link and info on the Goo's performing at the 104 KRBE/Enron Earth Day Festival in Houston on April 1! The show is from 10 am to 7 pm, and features: Vertical Horizon, Edwin McCain, Dido, Smash Mouth, Train, and headlining will be our Goo's!

2/26/00 23:17:29 - Rosette tells me that the Goo's are part of a group picture of Grammy nominees that MTV has taken and will turn into a poster! The poster will be sold for $6 on mtv.com.

I also added Randall to the Goo Fans' Photo Album - be sure to check out his up and coming Buffalo-based band Cradle!

2/25/00 22:01:16 - John & Robby are on VH-1's Top Ten countdown this week. They talk about the Broadway video/single and the next album a bit! You can catch this on 2/26 at 10 am and 2/27 at 1 am, 8 am (Eastern and Pacific).

Also remember that John will be on Politically Correct airing later tonight (or in the very early hours of Saturday morning). Additionally, the Grammy episode of TRL should reair this weekend on Sun. 2/27 at 7:30 a.m. EST.

2/23/00 21:28:55 - The Goo's did not win a Grammy tonight, in case you missed it. Santana won the award for Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal with "Put Your Lights On" by Santana Featuring Everlast.

2/22/00 21:55:10 - It was just announced that John Rzeznik will be presenting an award tomorrow night at the Grammy's!

2/21/00 10:38:31 - Stacy Goo reports that the Goo's will be on the Grammy edition of TRL. It will show Wed. 2/23 3:30 p.m. EST, Thur. 2/24 1:00 a.m. EST (assuming that's in the early morning hours between Wed. and Thur.), Thur. 2/24 7:30 a.m. EST, Fri. 2/25 11:00 a.m. EST, and Sun. 2/27 7:30 a.m. EST.

2/20/00 20:42:07 - I talked to Dave today and he sincerely appreciated all of the messages on the Message Board! Thank you all for the great response!

I added Ellie and Joeri to the Goo Fans' Photo Album!

2/18/00 22:08:02 - Happy Birthday! Dave Schulz, who has been playing keyboards for the Goo's for the past couple years, has a birthday tomorrow (2/19)! Please take a second and post to the Message Board with a Happy Birthday message (yes, Dave will read them)!

Kimberly was kind enough to type up a synopsis of a Tuscon, AZ-radio interview John gave this morning! He addresses quite a few interesting points (including news on the Broadway video)!

2/16/00 23:13:25 - John will be a guest on Politcally Incorrect with Bill Maher on the night of the 25th on ABC. The show is scheduled for just after midnight that night (early morning on the 26th), but does vary by location. Check the "Goo's on TV" link on the Info Page for all the upcoming TV appearances!

2/15/00 23:19:37 - Stacy Goo was kind enough to type up the Goo's appearance on Modern Rock Live last August for us! It's here in either text or HTML format!

2/14/00 22:24:33 - Hope everyone had a good Valentine's Day!

Robby and Johnny will be hosting VH-1's Top 10 countdown the weekend after next. Called "Lift Ticket" and shot in Aspen, CO, it will play all weekend, including: 2/25 - 10 am, 5 pm; 2/26 - 10 am; and 2/27 - 1 am, 8 am (Eastern and Pacific). (Thanks to everyone who wrote in about this!)

Black Balloon was released in the UK today! Maybe we'll see a cool import CD here in the states!

2/13/00 12:33:38 - The Goo's were voted the #6 VH-1 Behind The Music of all-time! (#5 to #1 were: Madonna, Weird Al, Stevie Nicks, Metallica, and Shania Twain.) The show will air at 3:30 Eastern and Pacific on VH-1!

Traci emailed me that the GGD End Session from Seattle's KNDD is now online!

2/11/00 21:38:13 - Can you handle the truth? Wall of Sound has a story from John about his marriage. Hopefully this will end the seemingly-endless rumour-mongering.

99x in Atlanta has a great Live X Session with the Goo's from 1996! It's a half-hour RealAudio and a must listen!

2/10/00 12:12:27 - Okay Goo fans, today is the last day to vote for the goo's as our Favorite '90s Artist on VH1's Behind The Music: DECISION 2000 contest! They are currently just behind in second place, so you must go vote! Do it for yourself, do it for your country - ok, just do it for the Goo's!

2/8/00 21:29:57 - I added Amy, Daniel, Franco, Marloes, and Paul to the Goo Fans' Photo Album!

By the way, we all have Victor to thank for the Pride RealAudio below!

2/6/00 13:02:59 - CTW online still has their Goo Goo Dolls & Elmo page up, where you can catch a clip of the performance!

Also, you can check out this RealAudio recording of Pride!

2/5/00 14:00:49 - There is a short piece with John on MTV News 1515 talking about the presidential election. It will reair Sunday at 8:30 am EST and Monday at 7:00 am EST.

VH-1.com is holding a contest to vote for the favorite Behind the Music! Go vote for the Goo's in "Favorite 90's Artist"!

2/3/00 22:31:34 - There is a short article on Launch.com about the Goo's and their current activities!

Quick note of thanks to everyone who sent in congrats about yesterday's update!

Posting has remained strong on the message board in the "Goo off-season". If you haven't spent some time there, take a peek! It is moderated, to keep it junk free - so Goo fans can enjoy some great conversation!

2/2/00 21:39:42 - A couple notes about musicfanclubs.org: First, MFC has redesigned their pages, so check out their home page at Music Fan Clubs. Secondly, the World of Goo, according to their stats, is 4th among sites on the server in daily page views, and only about 1000 page views out of 2nd! Thanks for so much support!

Additionally, Dean sent in the lyrics to Pride!

2/1/00 20:47:21 - Two new bass tabs for you! Dave tabbed out Naked and Persy tabbed out Black Balloon! Thanks, guys! And if you have any tabs you want to send in to the World of Goo, please send them to [email protected]! I am currently reviewing a number of submissions!

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