Modern Rock Live 8-8-99

Max: Hello to everybody, I’m Max Tolcough and welcome back to another Sunday evening of interactive radio, Modern Rock Live. Tonight we’re very pleased to welcome back to Modern Rock Live for the 73rd time…

John: Yes it is

Max: The Goo Goo Dolls, joining us for the 73rd time, this month joining us by the marvels of Modern Rock Live

Rob: How are ya Max?

Max: I’m Fine, I have to read this first, from the studious of rock 103 in Ann Arbor Michigan are, now lets go around with it. Robby check in please.

Rob: Robby checkin’ in. Hello Max, hello America.

Max: Good, Johnny Rzeznik check in please.

John: Hello, how are ya? Hello I’m checking in.

Max: Johnny you okay? You sound a little pensive tonight.

John: No, I’m just a little tired Max, I’m a little tired today.

Max: We’ll discuss why you’re tired because the busy life of a rock star is being tired constantly.

John: It is it’s physically and emotionally draining, just giving and giving and giving the way I do.

Max: And last but not least the man we quietly refer to as brainiac, Mike.

Rob: Brainiac? Where’d that come from?

Max: I don’t know.

Rob: I’ve heard him called Jennifer.

Max: I don’t know I just made it up.

Mike: Oh, okay. Well now I’m referred to as brainiac. Hi how are you Max?

John: Brianiac? Why, is he smart or something? Well I know brainiac is, but

is Mike smart or something?

Max: All drummers…

John: He may have been hiding it from us all these years.

Mike: Duh!

Max: All drummers are more intelligent than we realize.

Mike: No I’m not.

Max: Listen here’s how it works gentlemen, if I may refer to you as such, >this is the 73rd time you’ve been on the show.

John: Yes

Max: If you achieve 100 appearances then you start getting cool prizes. >It’s like frequent flier miles, the first thing you will get after 100 >appearances, is a Modern Rock Live hat.

John: Oh, a hat.

Mike: Yes!

John: That’s a 4.95 value.

Max: Exactly.

John: Do you give away those hats though?

Max: No, only to guests.

John: Oh okay, okay well…

Max: Which would be…and after 150 appearances then you get the T-shirt.

John: Okay. Cool. What color is it?

Max: Black.

Rob: of course.

John: Goes with anything.

Max: Absolutely.

John: Sort of that modern goth rock look? Does it have long sleeves?

Max: Yes it does.

Mike: I always thought that the T-shirt was easier to achieve than the hat, but I guess I have it backwards.

John: Well you know Max, we’ll send some swag an a…swag, see all you people out there in radio land, swag is what us industry insiders call free stuff.

Rob: Swag. So no you’re all in.

John: It’s a term from pirates you know.

Rob: (impersonating a pirate) I swag ya.

John: Some peg legged…

Rob: Parrot wearing, eye patch wearing…

Max: What are you guys doing in Michigan?

John: Well we were planning a very heavy evening of bowling. Don’t tell anybody, it would bee bad for our image.

Rob: But we’re not going bowling now.

Max: Are you on the road? What are you doing?

John: Yes

Max: On your from one place to another.

John: Yeah we’re actually playing in Jackson, Michigan tomorrow at the state fair. The Jackson Michigan State Fair. With sugar Ray and Fastball.

Rob: Fifty cities we’re doing on this tour, Max. We’ve done 12 already. It’s great

Max: Is there no rest for you? There is no rest for you guys, whenever we talk you are on the road. Doing something somewhere. No wonder Johnny’s tired.

Mike: We have no homes.

John: I’m tired.

Rob: (impersonating John whining) I’m tired.

John: Mike’s the only one of us with a serious address at this point and time.

Mike: We’ve got no where to go so we have to stay on tour.

Rob: We’ve got no where to go Max.

John: Sunday nights are usually set up. We show up here every Sunday night and then we have one day knocked off then we only have six more to deal with.

Rob: We plan station visits every evening so we’ve got somewhere to hang.

John: I brought a pizza too.

Max: We are going to… It’s your night and we can…

John: Oh.

Max: Figure out what’s going on in rock and roll and everything else in your lives because the Goo Goo Dolls are here tonight.

Rob: It’s our night?

Max: Lets play Black Balloon and then come back to chat more with the Goo Goo Dolls, here on Modern Rock Live.

(Black Balloon)

Max: Modern Rock Live and Goo Goo Dolls, of course, Black Balloon. We have everyone in Ann Arbor tonight. Our new affiliate rock 103. Robby, Johnny, and Mike. We’ll be back after this.


Max: Okay, we’re back. It’s Modern Rock Live, joining us from our new affiliate rock 103 it’s the Goo Goo Dolls.

John: Hey.

Max: If you have any questions for the Goo Goo Dolls, please call.

John: (impersonating a caller) Hello? Hello?

Max: Yes Caller? >John: (impersonating caller) I’d like to ask where’d you get your name?

Rob: Well son…

John: (impersonating caller) Where’d you get your name?

Mike: It’s a long story and we can’t go into it right now.

John: (impersonating caller) Well thank you. I’m the idiot that has to call in and ask where you got your name seeing how it’s been a hot topic for the past five years.

Max: Wait a minute.

Rob: Okay; well now we got that one out of the way.

Max: yeah.

John: That was me, did you know that was me Max?

Max: I’m gonna say a band name and you tell me where this band is from…

John: (impersonating caller) Hello?

Rob: okay.

John: (impersonating caller) Okay, go ahead.

Max: You guys ready?

Rob: I love these quizzes.

John: (impersonating caller) Hello?

Max: Sex Maggot.

Rob: Oh.

John: (impersonating caller) They’re from Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Rob: I know that one.

John: They hung out with Iggy and the Stooges.

Max: Uh huh.

John: For real.

Max: All right.

John: Okay next question, Max talk about what’s up in rock. We’ll give you a brief synopsis of what’s going on in our lives and then we’ll get down to business.

Rob: We need to know what’s up in rock.

John: Yeah, we’ve been out on tour and I don’t listen to the radio.

Rob: We know the Limp Bizkit, kids love the Limp Bizkit.

Mike: The kids love it.

Rob: And the Korn.

Max: Right. It’s been the summer of Korn and Bizkit, you know, the heavy stuff.

Rob: Good.

John: You know…

Max: Yeah.

John: Do you find that the world is sort of polarized see I sort of, like everybody’s been going very heavy of very Backstreet Boys.

Mike: One or the other, like Korn or N’Sync.

John: yeah, what is this? Explain this musical Phenomenon.

Max: I don’t know. It’s Korn or Jewel actually. See at Woodstock on one stage was Korn and two miles away on the other stage was Jewel.

John: Sort of doing a very loud point/counterpoint. Now what a…Did you go to Woodstock?

Max: No I didn’t. Did you? Where you there?

John: Well they didn’t ask us. (Impersonating caller) Hello? you guys want to play at Woodstock?

Mike: That call never came in Max. We never got it.

Rob: We actually did play on the Woodstock site though. The original Woodstock.

John: Yeah, we met Joey Ramone.

Max: But this years Woodstock ‘99’ was in your neck of the woods in upstate New York.

John: It’s east of Buffalo. It was very heavily testosterone.

Max: All right. Let’s go to a real phone call.

John: (impersonating caller) Hello?

Max: Okay, first phone call, Joanna from Hartford, Connecticut. You’re on with the Goo Goo Dolls.

Joanna: Hi guys.

John: (impersonating caller) Hello?

Joanna: I don’t know if you guys remember me, when you came to Hartford in March with the Rolling Stones. John I gave you some drawings.

Mike: You were that girl at the show.

Joanna: Well I gave you the drawings at the radio station, of you.

John: Oh yeah. Yeah okay all right.

Joanna: Well I just wanted to know if you guys remembered me. Well I wanted to know what your set list is gonna be like?

John: Well. Well we’re out on tour with Sugar Ray so you know we gotta work a little extra harder this time around so I don’t know. What song do you want to hear that we’re not playing?

Joanna: Well, do you still play Lazy Eye? I really like that

Rob: Yeah.

Mike: We’ve been playing that one every night.

John: I remember. I do remember, it was at the radio station that was like in a house or something wasn’t it?

Joanna: Yeah.

Mike: Oh yeah that place that was Hartford.

John: I remember that.

Rob: You see that.

John: That was a good picture.

Max: You’re not gonna give away the whole set list on the air, right?

John: No, we cant give away the set list but I’ll tell you this…You didn’t come and see us in Los Angeles did you Max?

Max: I was right there.

John: You were at the Greek Theatre?

Max: Yes.

John: You’re lying.

Max: The first row of people had me over their heads and I was surfing.

Mike: Oh yeah. That’s right I saw you there.

John: Max…

Max: When you guys come to LA you never call me…it doesn’t…never mind.

Rob: Oh Man. Okay that’s it.

John: Well we figured, you know, that you’d come to the show at least but you didn’t. that’s all right.

Rob: This is an open invitation to you.

John: You were probably hanging out with the Bosstones or something that night.

Max: I called your manager for some tickets and he didn’t give ‘em to me so I couldn’t go.

Rob: Pat? You know, you invited that guy to sit in you chair , your personal chair…

John: And that’s the thanks you get.

Rob: That’s nice.

John: You should have the Modern Rock Live fly you out for one of these big events, you know.

Max: I should.

John: It’s actually been a great tour. It’s been a lot of fun in fact Fastball has another hit and Sugar Ray’s huge and we’re doing okay.

Rob: Everything’s doing pretty good the vibe is really good too. Cuz summer is fun and summer is concentrated.

Max: All right here’s where it’s cold this summer. Jeffrey from Anchorage, Alaska you’re on with the Goo Goo Dolls.

Jeffrey: Hi. What’s happenin’?

Mike: Not much. How are ya?

John: (impersonating caller) Hello?

Jeffrey: All right. What music did you grow up listening to?

John: Well at first it was AM radio.

Rob: staticy AM radio.

John: And, when they used to play music on AM radio before they played oldies. And then I got into the punk rock stuff when I was a kid, 12-13 years old, and kind of stayed out of the mainstream music for a long time. I didn’t really listen to that. I’d probably say the biggest influences was the earlier stuff, the Beatles and Rolling Stones, and the Who and the Kinks.

Rob: Cheap Trick and Kiss.

John: Yeah, and whatever was on the radio at that time.

Max: All right. Thanks Jeffrey.

John: Thank You.

Max: We have another caller. It’s Amy from Philadelphia. Amy you’re on with Johnny, Robby, and Mike.

John: Hi Amy. What’s up?

Amy: Hi. Oh my God. This is so awesome. I wanted to know, I have the single Nothing Can Change You and where’d that come from? And when can we expect a new cd form you guys?

John: You know what? That’s an awesome question and I’m really glad you asked that. That was originally performed by a guy named Tommy Keene who was great and actually played guitar on Dizzy Up the Girl and a…

Rob: Broadway.

John: And a damn fine gentleman he is and he has a lot of records out there and you should go out and listen to them and check ‘em out. A guy named Tommy Keene. You know Tommy Keene don’t you Max?

Max: Yes, from way back.

John: From way back when.

Max: He’s been hackin’ around for a long time. Thank you Amy.

John: Yeah, that was a great question and I don’t know, we’re just gonna finish touring on this cd and…

Rob: Then we’ll think about the nest one.

John: Yep, then we’ll make the next one.

Max: Amy thank you. Lets listen to Iris and then come back and take some more calls with the Goo Goo Dolls on Modern Rock Live.


Max: We’re back with the Goo Goo Dolls. And… What’s wrong Johnny?

John: (pretending to cry) I cry everytime I think about…

Max: You guys are giddy.

John: (pretending to cry) Everytime I think about all the money we made off of that song. It makes my glass eye fog up.

Max: Anyways just to remind everybody you were last on this show post-Grammy’s when we had to re-live the infamy that was….

John: You were the only one Max, the only one who thought about us on that cold Sunday night in studio city.

Mike: The rest of the world was busy adoring Celine Dion.

John: Yes.

Max: Exactly.

Mike: We were left in the cold.

Max: Here we go, Melissa from Buffalo, New York. You’re on with your hometown guys.

Melissa: Hey guys.

Rob: Hi Melissa.

John: What’s up in Buffalo?

Melissa: We want you guys to come back home. We miss you so much.

John: You know what? We’ve been trying to get back there but, to do a gig, but the only day we could was the day before school starts.

Melissa: Well that’s okay.

Rob: We didn’t want to do that.

John: We didn’t want to do that, Artie and Marcel the guys that throw our shows in Buffalo, they don’t wanna do it the day before school starts, because they figure they’ll take a spankin’ on it and they’re probably right but we are gonna…. They’re doing things were they’re bringing bus loads of people from buffalo up to the finger lakes you know and I feel kind of weird about not doing a show there this summer because we always do, and they said we’d do one in the fall. Hopefully we’ll be able to get Sugar Ray and have a big show.

Max: By the way…

John: Yes?

Melissa: Okay my question, out of all the….

Max: There was a question?

John: Sorry.

Max: Hey Melissa, here’s what you should ask them. Ask them the names of all the Finger Lakes.

Melissa: I don’t even know all the fingerlakes.

Rob: Oh man.

Max: How could you not know all the Finger Lakes?

John: Lake Seneca?

Rob: There are numerous, like many many fingerlakes.

Max: There are either five or seven. Lake Geneva, Lake Canandaigua.

John: Lake Geneva, Lake Seneca….Seneca Lake, is that one of them? I don’t know, man I’m from Buffalo, Lake Erie, that all I know.

Max: Melissa what’s your question.

Melissa: Out of all of the videos you’ve made which one was your favorite and which one did you have the most fun making?

Mike: Dizzy!

John: Good Question.

Rob: Yeah Dizzy was the most fun.

John: We’ve got good callers tonight. This person hasn’t called yet. (Impersonating caller) Hello? Hello? Where’d you get your name?

Mike: He will just give him time.

John: Don’t let him through. (Impersonating caller) Hello? Hello?

Rob: They screen these phone calls he’ll never get through.

John: Oh, by the way the phone call screener, it’s their birthday, and the producer and the engineer.

Rob: Three Birthdays on Modern Rock Live tonight.

John: Happy Birthday.

Mike: The entire LA office I celebrating.

Rob: It’s amazing Max you’re not there to keep the lasso on things man, they’re probably out of control there.

John: Did you ever drink the big bottle of paint thinner we gave you?

Rob: The Gallon jug of Brandy.

John: You’ve been cleaning your paintbrushes with it or anything like that?

Max: It’s still there. We drink one glass every week. We toast it to you guys.

Rob & John: Awe.

Max: All right. Vanessa from Albuquerque. You’re on with the Goo Goo Dolls.

Vanessa: Hi.

Max: Hello Vanessa.

Rob: Hi Vanessa

Vanessa: Hi: I was wondering what was one of your guys’ wildest fantasies about someone or something?

Rob: Whoa. Now this is modern rock hot live talk.

Max: Mike why don’t you answer first.

Mike: Ask the question again, it think I missed part of it. The wildest what?

Vanessa: The wildest fantasy about something or someone.

John: You know who she sounds like? Sally Brown. Charlie Brown’s little sister.

Rob: Hey yeah.

John: Ask the question again.

Vanessa: What was the wildest fantasy you had about something or someone?

Rob: Yeah you do.

John: okay I’ll answer it (imitating the adults from Charlie Brown) okay?

Max: There you go.

John: Does that answer your question?

Max: I think it does.

John: She Doesn’t Understand me, I’m a grown up.

Mike: I’m sitting here thinking seriously, that’s putting us on the spot though. How do you answer a question like that, and do it legally?

Rob: I don’t know Mike, I’m interested sort of.

Max: mull over this cause we have to break while you think about Vanessa’s question all right? And we’ll be back with the Goo Goo Dolls right after this on Modern Rock Live.



Max: Goo Goo Dolls on Modern Rock Live, Dizzy, of course coming up here on the show over the next few weeks we’re gonna have, what’s happening in rock. As we were talking about before we’ll have Limp Bizkit next week. And they’re apparently doing a cover of Iris on their next album. Filter will join us, also Powerman 500, Smash Mouth, and 311.

John: I like the 311 and I like the new Smash mouth.

Max: And the Powerman 5000 this is like a huge song this is Grammy music.

John: Sing me a few bars.

Max: I can’t sing. All the dogs in the neighborhood will go crazy. Of course Johnny, Mike, and Robby from the Goo Goo Dolls are here with us tonight. If you have a question or a comment you wanna ask the boys anything cause they have the answers to everything.

Mike: Yes, Everything.

Max: It is their 73rd appearance on this show.

John: Yes. We should discuss something besides this band cause you already know everything about us.

Max: Yeah, but its good to check in cause to find out what’s happening out there we have to have you guys check in with us every once in a while. We wouldn’t have known that Johnny is very…Johnny you okay?

John: I’m tired and my feet hurt.

Max: I don’t think people realize how much work you guys have with this rock thing.

Rob: it’s crazy.

John: You know I cut myself last night throwing a TV set out the window, so it kind of…you know its been a tough tour Max.

Rob: Did you throw a TV out the window, Johnny?

John: I throw a TV out the window every night Rob.

Rob: It’s in the job description.

John: Yeah I had to start doin it. I normally don’t enjoy that kind of behavior.

Max: Consider this too, back when rock stars first used to throw TV sets out the window, we’re talking 19inch TVs maybe…

John: yeah.

Max: But now everybody has a 36 inch TV. So we’re talking much heavier TVs, much more deadly, harder to lift. You have to be in better shape.

John: Yeah you have to be in better shape to lift a big 54 inch projection television and whip it out the 41st floor of the Hyatt House.

Max: Exactly.

John: Yeah but you know sometimes it takes two rock guys now, sometimes you gotta invite the other bands. Its not like the 60’s anymore, not that I remember the 60’s, but we’re such a litigious society now I’d have to call my lawyer, my business manager before I throw a TV set out the window.

Max: This has been a modern rock live first, a band that actually used the word litigious in a sentence.

John: Thank you.

Max: That has never been done before.

John: Thank you. Can I go to the phones? I wanna go to the special hotline here.

Mike: Phone Calls.

John: (Impersonating caller) Hello? Hello?

Mike: Hello? Can I help you?

John: (impersonating caller) Yes I was wondering where you got your name?

Mike: It’s one of the Finger Lakes, one of the lesser known.

John: (impersonating caller) Hello?

Rob: Lake Goo Goo Doll

John: (Impersonating caller) Yes that’s very interesting.

Mike: It’s an Americanization of and Indian name.

John: (impersonating caller) I don’t have any pants on, I’m here with no pants on.

Max: All right. Liz from Washington DC has been waiting patiently to ask a real question.

John: I can stop (impersonating caller) I’m so alone.

Max: Liz you’re on with the giddy boys.

Liz: Hi. First of all I would like to thank you John for saying happy birthday to me in Atlantic City.

John: Oh, well happy birthday again.

Liz: And Robby I’d like to thank you for the guitar pic.

Mike: Oh, I get nothing. Thanks

Rob: So you’re the one with my pic I’ve been looking for that thing.

Mike: I get thanked for nothing Max.

Liz: Well you just threw it off the bus and I ran and grabbed it.

John: What’s up? What do you wanna know?

Liz: John I wanted to know where you got the inspiration for Dizzy?

John: Uh…Wow. I don’t know, I was just sort of thinkin about this uh…I had this image in my head of this hot independent unattainable woman. Someone who drives you crazy but you rally love her. That was the thought that was going behind. Does that answer the question? Actually I was just thinking about mans inhumanity…

Max: Okay, stop. Just stop, just now. All right, next caller Elaine from Pittsburgh who’d like to hear litigious one more time. Elaine you’re on with the Goo Goo Dolls.

Max: You wanna hear Johnny say litigious again?

Elaine: Johnny can say anything again.

John: Oh, thank you.

Elaine: We’d like that.

John: Thank you. How are you?

Elaine: I’m fine. I met you in Pittsburgh. I’m from South Park. I brought you guys all kinds of South Park gear.

Mike: South Park boxers, that’s right.

John: Thank you very much. We get a lot of clothes and things like that. That’s really nice.

Elaine: What do you do with them?

Mike: We wear them.

John: We wear them and hang on to them and then say ‘hey you know what? We got this from this town or that town.’ That kind of thing. What’s up?

Elaine: I want to know what you think about when you’re there singing a song on stage. Do you concentrate on the lyrics themselves or are there thoughts running through your mind about your life.

John: Sometimes they’re thoughts about my life, only when I’m tired or…

Rob: Or if I really gotta pee.

John: Or if I have a hang over or something.

Rob: I’m like ‘man I gotta pee’ that’s what I’m thinkin about sometimes.

John: That’s great. Sometimes I think about doing laundry things like that. But most of the time I’m just getting into the audience you know. You focus on playing or what you were thinking about when you wrote that song, or if you’re in front of a crowd you try to latch on to people and try to pick up their energy and stuff. I like doing that…

Max: Hey Elaine…..Yeah

John: What?

Max: Nothing. I was just going to say I think Elaine, what she doesn’t realize is that at really scary times when Johnny looks over at Robby and Johnny says ‘I think Robby’s gotta pee’.

Rob: yeah

John: Well we do that. We did that the other day. We were doing a radio show and I thought something and Robby said it like 30 seconds later.

Rob: It’s just the way it is. We get our periods the same time too, we do.

John: All the time.

Max: Thank you Elaine. Let’s play Slide and then we’ll come back and take some more calls on Modern Rock Live.


Max: Modern Rock Live and Goo Goo Dolls, of course the song is Slide. Okay lets go to the phones, Rita from Columbus, Ohio. You’re on the air with Johnny, Mike, and Robby.

Rita: Hi guys. How are you?

John: What’s up?

Mike: How ya doin?

Rita: Pretty good. I was wondering how has your touring life changed from when you were touring with Bush three years ago?

John: I haven’t gotten hit by a shoe in a while.

Rob: But that could all be changed.

John: Yeah, now that I opened my big, stupid mouth.

Rob: How has it changed? Well we have the big dressing room now, that’s nice. It’s a different world for us then it was back then we’ve got a lot more hit songs and…

Max: And Johnny’s tired.

John: My feet hurt Max.

Rob & Max: And his feet hurt.

John: I’m whining about my feet hurting. You know what I did today? This is Sunday. You know what I did with my day off? This is how my life has changed, I performed home surgery on myself.

Max: That’s illegal. You can’t do that.

Rob & John: Sure you can.

Rob: You can do anything you want to your body pretty much.

John: You know what I did, I had a piece of glass stuck in my foot and I had to get it out, cuz its been buggin’ me for about a week. So I soaked the foot and I took a razor blade and just started cutting the bottom of my foot apart until I got the glass out.

Rob: Max, how do Epsom salts work?

John: Ask Jeeves.

Rob: How do they draw foreign objects out of your body? That’s just weird.

John: Go to the pharmacist and ask him.

Max: I used to get fed Epsom salt when I was a kid, or was that Castor oil?

I don’t know.

Mike: That’s Castor oil.

John: Epsom salts are a mild laxative.

Mike: Cod liver oil, maybe.

Max: Right. Rita thanks very much.

John: Thanks Rita, we hope we answered your question. Let’s go to the special line. (impersonating caller) Hello?

Rob: Max, every time you let a caller in they squabble a little bit and we just keep talking. It’s amazing. Okay, we’ll answer this next question.

John: We’ve gotten really bad.

Max: Here’s what we’re gonna do…No, you haven’t gotten bad.

Mike: We’ll answer this next question Max. bring it on.

Max: Okay. We’re gonna take a break and come back and you’re gonna talk about some charities and stuff.

Rob: We’re ready for a question.

Max: I know. Just stand by. We’ll come back with the Goo Goo Dolls in a second.


Max: (weird voice) Hello everybody we’re back. I don’t know why I did that I’m sorry.

Mike: Do it again.

Max: (weird voice) Hello every body we’re back. It’s Modern Rock Live and joining us from rock 103, our new affiliate in Ann Arbor, are the Goo Goo Dolls…Now back to Johnny, Mike, and Robby

Rob: Yeah.

John: Max, do you know…

Max: John you wanted….What?

John: Nothing. Well I was just….You have an interesting last name.

Max: Thank you.

John: When I was a kid in high school my last name was Rzeznik right? So the stoner kids would come up to me and say ‘Hey Resin, what’s up?’ And uh, I was just wondering if you got the same kind of thing in high school? ‘Hey Max Tolcough….Duh.’ Did you get that? Yes you did.

Max: yeah I did

John: You got that didn’t you?

Max: The coughing, the Toll-coughing.

John: Awe.

Max: People called me Maxamillion.

John: You went to a Catholic high school?

Max: No.

John: You didn’t?

Max: No.

John: Cuz, see I went to a vocational high school so it was basically full of people….

Mike: Who called you Resin.

Max: Of course those people today can pull apart an automobile and put it back together in 15 minutes.

John: Yeah. But, no, that’s cool, there’s nothin’ wrong with learning a trade. We were on Loveline and Adam Carolla and I were talking bout this, and there’s nothing wrong with learning a trade, you know? It’s a good thing, cuz college and the military aren’t always somebody’s bag. So, uh,those are two obvious choices. But, uh, learning a trade. Why doesn’t somebody call who’s at the crossroads of their life and we’ll help give you direction. Call us live here on the air, we’ll be like your guidance counselor.

Max: Exactly. Goo Goo Dolls….That’s it that’s the theme of tonight’s show, Goo Goo Dolls as guidance counselors. All right here we go.

Rob: It took us 55 minutes to figure out the theme of the show.

Max: The theme of the show, The Goo Goo Dolls as guidance counselors. Becky from Tulsa. You’re on with the Goo Goo Dolls. Do you need guidance?

John: How old are you Becky?

Becky: 43

John: Good Lord. Can we help you?

Mike: I don’t know if we can do any counseling.

Becky: Well I’m doing okay on that.

John: Okay. 43.

Becky: My question is which is more enjoyable? Playing small crowds or larger crowds?

John: That’s good. That’s a good question. I like ‘em both. I like playing…I don’t like playing tiny teeny little clubs you know…

Mike: Especially when there’s nobody in them.

John: I’ve done enough of that. Um, but ah, its kind of weird when you play in front of 10,000 people, we played in front of 10,000 people last night, its kind of funny because you sort of have to trade off that intimacy, but you make up for it, you put a little more production in the show. Put a little more show into the show business thingy.

Rob: Show….Business

Max: Becky, thanks very much.

Rob: Listen to this. Show business.

Max: Our next caller is also at the crossroads. Joanna from Philadelphia.

Joanna do you need guidance from the Goo Goo Dolls.

Joanna: Um, yeah.

Max: All right.

John: How old are you?

Joanna: I love you guys.

John: Thank you.

Max: How old are you?

Joanna: I can’t believe I’m talking to you.

John: How old are you?

Joanna: I’m gonna be 15 in a month.

Mike: Perfect age for counciling. What do you need?

Joanna: Yeah.

John: Do you go see your guidance counselor?

Joanna: You guys really help me. Your music helped me through, I had a depression and that year everybody started hating me.

John: Why?

Joanna: Then I turned to you guys.

John: Really? Why did everyone start hating you? You sound like a nice kid.

Joanna: Um, I don’t know. It’s one of the things…I don’t know they just started turning on me. But my question is…

John: You know why that happens?

Joanna: Huh?

John: What’s that? Say it again I can’t hear you.

Joanna: Do you guys have any advice for me?

John: For that situation? I would say that it’s really strange, like the more you go through life people grow in different paces and you know I would day that your life is growing in a direction that your friends life isn’t and I would take it as a blessing because something good always comes when a change happens like that. Uh, something big is heading your way. And you’re growing and you’re changing and that’s fine and maybe you’re not seeing eye to eye with these people that….

Joanna: I have another question.

John: Where’d you get your name?

Joanna: Joanna?

John: Where’d you get the name of the band? Is that your question?

Joanna: No (imitates John) Hello? Hello?

Mike: You’ve been listening.

John: (imitating caller) Where’d you get the name of your band?

Joanna: What’s the story behind Black Balloon? Cuz when I think about your music I wonder if it’s about your family, your wife, or whatever. What’s responsible?

John: You know, you came up with ideas for songs out of everything it can be something you saw on TV or something you read in a book or it can be experiences or any of that stuff. You know, like, I don’t know, it’s kind of hard to say where these things come from. They just kind fly into your head and hopefully you catch them before they fly out again.

Max: Thank You.

John: Typically. Well I hope everything works out for you.

Joanna: You are the best songwriter I have ever heard.

John: Thank You. You should check out Paul Simon or maybe the Beatles. But thank you, cuz I appreciate that.

Joanna: Thank You.

Max: All right Joanna. Okay while we’re lining up the next people for guidance for the Goo Goo Dolls, here’s Broadway on Modern Rock Live.


Max: Goo Goo Dolls on Modern Rock Live, Broadway is the song it’s a….Goo Goo Dolls in the studio in Ann Arbor tonight, Johnny, Mike, and Robby. Johnny you wanted to talk about the PAX and what’s going on here.

John: Yeah. Well what we’re doing is, this summer, seeing as how we’ve got a pretty big audience wee decided to work with some pretty cool groups and, like Levi’s is sponsoring the tour, so what their doing is, they have this big denim wall and when you walk into the show this big denim wall is there and what they do is they give this group, PAX, a dollar for every signature of the big denim wall.

Rob: And a thousand dollars for every celebrity.

John: Yeah. Like if you sign the big wall we’d get a thousand bucks for it, Max.

Max: Is it one piece of denim? Or is it a bunch of jeans sort of tacked up there?

John: It’s a big piece of denim.

Mike: One big piece of denim.

Rob: It’s cool.

John: It looks like a wall made of jeans and or jeans material but….

Rob: It looks like a pair of John Popper’s jeans. It huge.

Max: Well…

John: That was unnecessary.

Rob: It’s just a huge wall of denim.

John: You come in here and you sign the wall and they give a dollar to PAX, which is an anti-gun violence group that is trying to find some common sense solutions to gun problems in this country. Like smart guns and child safety locks and things like that, and all that stuff. They’re not trying to take everyone’s gun away from them…

Rob: Although that would be nice.

John: There, you know it’s a strange thing. The guys from PAX told us that a teddy bear has to go through four safety regulations before a kid can play with it, but there’s no safety regulations for guns. Did you know that Max? I’m glad to get off that subject. But that is a fact and we’re also working with Harvest USA, which is cool cuz we ask everyone that comes to see us to bring a can of food…

Rob: And they have been.

John: It’s amazing. So far we’ve collected thirty tons of food.

Rob: We did. A hundred thousand cans.

Max: That’s a lot.

John: No. It’s a hundred thousand meals last week.

Max: That’s amazing.

Rob: C’mon John.

John: All right. If any body needs….Call us for guidance counseling this is like high school guidance counseling.

Rob: This is it. This has gone too far.

Max: Anna from Charlotte, you’re on with John, Robby, and Mike.

Anna: Hi. If you guys could pick someone to duet with who would be and why?

John: Well, probably Celine Dion, cuz then I could win a Grammy. That cow stole my Grammy.

Rob: Man. Holy Cow. Mike, what would be….would you like to do a duet with Neil Purt or, are we talkin like percussion duet here?

John: That’d be horrible.

Mike: Just the thought of it is horrible.

Rob: My dream is to do a duet with that sexy, dirty, little Dixie Chick.

John: Oh my God.

Max: Oh.

Rob: She so hot.

Mike: I can’t sing very well. Any duet that I did wouldn’t be a duet, cuz I’d be silent.

Max: You’re the brains of the outfit. We’re now going to play Acoustic #3 with the band known as the Goo Goo Dolls on Modern Rock Live.

(Acoustic #3)

Max: Ladies and gentlemen, the rock styling of Goo Goo Dolls with Acoustic #3.

John: What’d ya think of that?

Max: I thought that it was very nice.

John: Did you like that?

Max: Very lovely.

John: Oh God.

Max: It set the mood entirely.

John: C’mon….

Max: Rochelle….What? What?

John: You gotta start playing some more of our elaborate pieces liked Messed Up and Artie.

Mike: Can you play Artie? Is Artie up there?

John: Artie and Messed Up.

Rob: Yeah.

Max: When you come back again for the 74th appearance we’ll play all the songs…

John: That’s retrospective.

Max: Exactly. All the songs that have never been heard on this show before.

John: Yeah. Then you can present us with our Scrammy and we’ll get the hell outta there.

Max: Rochelle from Burlington, Vermont. Rochelle you’re on with the Goo Goo Dolls.

John: Rochelle do you have sandals on?

Rochelle: Sandals?

Rob: Are you eating Ben & Jerry’s?

Rochelle: No.

Mike Do you know Any Benatowsky? He’s from Burlington, Vermont.

Rochelle: I’m actually from Montreal. And my question is, I wanna know the craziest thing a fan has ever done to you guys?

Max: The craziest thing a fan has ever done to them?

Mike: Some crazy stalkers here and there.

John: Yeah. There are always loose cannon types…

Mike: People think that because they see your picture that they are immediately your best friend and know everything about you and they sort of try to filter their way into your live. It’s creepy.

John: It’s okay. Sometimes we meet a lot of really cool people for the most part.

Mike: 99% it cool.

John: But, uh, yeah. Crazy? Crazy? Crazy? I don’t know. These people, they did this singing cookie-gram that didn’t work.

Rob: It didn’t sing.

Mike: But it came with a bunch of cookies but said we can’t sing.

John: Yeah.

Mike: Then why did you call it a singing cookie-gram? Give us our cookies and split.

Rob: it turned out they just wanted to come in and say hi.

John: It was very nice. I don’t know. Some of the stuff scares me, what people do. Driving 90miles and hour next to the bus pulling their shirts up. That’s not…its things like that.

Max: It was me.

John: I was gonna say…nice Max. Jesus.

Max: Thank you very much. All right. Rochelle thank you very much.

John: Nobody know this but Max…..You….Max has a large tattoo on his back that says ‘Search and Destroy’. It’s awesome.

Max: Thank you for exposing that. We’ll be back with the Goo Goo Dolls right after this on Modern Rock Live.


Max: Thank you. Joining us tonight from our new affiliate rock 103in Ann Arbor, is the Goo Goo Dolls, Johnny, Mike, and Robby. So what are you guys doing for the millennium?

John: Where would you least want to be on that…on the night in particular? One place in the world where you’d be like, this is the craziest place on the planet.

Max: Time Square?

Rob & John & Mike: You got it.

Max: I’m sure you’re gonna be in a protected environment.

Mike: Yeah, Time Square is really protected.

Max: So You’ll be at Ground Zero.

Mike: Yeah.

John: I sort of rationalized that as, you know that if there is some sort of terrorist attack or some computer malfunction that killed us all on the spot, at least….that’s a pretty dramatic way out.

Max: I’ll be hiding in my basement in LA cuz the guns’ll be goin off and the bullets will be raining down and I don’t want to be struck by an array of bullets.

Rob: Yeah. I think Los Angeles should be safe if everything goes crazy. That’s a good move.

Max: Jessie from Kansas City. You’re on the air with the Goo Goo Dolls.

Jessie: Hi.

Mike: Hi.

John: Are we still doing guidance counseling?

Rob: Hey you know what? We just played in Kansas City.

Jessie: I know I was there in the front row.

Rob: Did ya have fun?

Jessie: I loved it.

Mike: I went to the zoo and saw a great IMAX film on wolves in Kansa City. It was cool.

John: so what did you think of the show?

Jessie: I thought it was great. It was my first one.

John: Your first concert ever? What’d you think of the movie and stuff?

Jessie: That’s what my question is about. I thought it was interesting other people from….I’m on the Goo Goo Dolls mailing list…I thought it was pretty cool.

Mike: What was the general thought on it? What’s people think of it?

Jessie: Um….Some People are like ‘I didn’t reallly get it’ and others were like ‘ it was cool’ and then the music which is what I really wanted to hear.

John: But see the reason that we did it, though, was because we didn’t want to make people scream and yell, cuz obviously we’re gonna do an encore, but its not the kind of thing you just wanna ,like, just, you know. It’s a bit presumptuous of me to think that any one’s gonna scream and yell until we come back on and play more. So we decided to show a movie during intermission and then comeback. But the movie was made by this guy , Bill Barminski, who’s probably most famous for his Absolute Vodka ad he’s like this great pop artist and he’s gonna be huge like Andy Warhall and he made this really cool film called Greed In Action which is a satirical film, like a 50’s style instrumental film about being a good consumer in the late 20th century America. How’s that?

Max: Have you guys ever seen the movie ‘Gummo’?

John: No.

Mike: Yes, Gummo was brilliant, well it wasn’t really brilliant, it was actually awfully strange.

Max: It’s the sickest movie I’ve ever seen.

Mike: They walk around killing cats and all sorts of fun stuff. And what’s the deal with that kid who’s taking a bath and the water’s all brown and green?

Max: It’s the weirdest movie since ‘ Eraserhead’ I have to say.

Mike: Nothing really happens in it. You just start watching 20 minutes in and you just start laughing cuz its going no where and its just weird.

John: I did actually see ‘Eraserhead’.

Mike: I like that as well.

Max: While you’re pondering that….

Mike: We’ve got 13 minutes left Max. What’s up with that? We need another phone call.

Max: Long Way Down from the Goo Goo Dolls on Modern Rock Live.

(Long Way Down)

Max: Modern Rock Live, Goo Goo Dolls, Long Way Down. Priscilla from Peoria.

Mike: Peoria.

John: P-E-O-

Priscilla: Hi.

John: How old are you?

Priscilla: I’m in high school.

John: What?

Priscilla: I’m starting high school this year and I’m really nervous.

John: Yeah?

Priscilla: And I was wondering if you had any advice for me.

John: Give us a little background information about yourself. You’re from Peoria, you’re going to be going to high school in Peoria and are you going to school with any of the kids you went to grade school with?

Priscilla: One.

John: One. She’ll probably end up being your best friend in high school

Rob: Good seed? Bad seed?

Priscilla: She’s good.

John: What do you like to do? I like to play my guitar. I just got one and I love playing it, and hanging out and going to the movies.

John: You know what I would do? I would join a couple of clubs to find stuff you wanna do and find other people that you might have something in common with. Instead of being a dork like me…man I used to skip school constantly, but I never tried to enjoy myself and that’s why I pass this advice on, because I missed out on what potentially could’ve been the best time of my life, but you know what? I also might’ve peaked after high school and been a pizza delivery guy. But, know?

Mike: Good Point.

Max: It’s a trade.

John: Then I would’ve talked about my glory day’s back over at McKinley High, ya know? ‘I used to smoke up with the guys at the machine shop’.

Rob: ‘He could throw a ball, that Rzeznik.’

John: Now all he has to do is throw his fat ass on the couch.

Max: A lot of people don’t realize that Mike was the president of the body piercing club…

Rob: Yes he was.

Max: in high school.

Mike: Where’d all these rumors start from? And why do ya pick on me? I mean come on.

John: Cuz it’s just like you’re a magnet for flack. You’re a flack magnet.

Max: Mike, there’s one word that explains all this, drummer.

John: There you go.

Mike: You’re right it was my fault. I was only eleven. I wasn’t old enough to make up my mind.

John: Well maybe if you would’ve had a good guidance counselor we could’ve talked you out of this nightmare that you’ve been living through.

Max: Priscilla, thank you. We have to run now.

Rob: Stay away from the bad seed.

John: And just have faith in yourself. That’s all you need.

Max: Thank you. All right. We’ll be back with more of the Goo Goo Dolls on Modern Rock Live.


Max: Thank you very much. Once again we’ve run out of time. Special thanks this evening to Pat Magnerella, and a round of applause for our new affiliate rock 103. And thanks once again to our 73rd appearance guests tonight, the Goo Goo Dolls.

John: Thank You Max.

Max: Be Careful out on the roads. It’s great to have you, always.

John: Thank you very much for letting us come on.

Rob: See ya in a couple weeks.

Max: I’m sure you’ll be back before the end of the year. We’ll, uh, see you next week on Modern Rock Live.

John: Maybe we’ll have something to talk to you about then.

Rob: We’ll work on it Max.