What's New Archive - January '01

1/30/01 - Good news: the message board will not go down, but we need a new moderator to take the place of Stacy. If you are interested in becoming the new moderator, please fill out an application!

1/29/01 - Today I added Bridget to the Fans Section! On a side note, the World of Goo message board will be taken down until further notice due to mischief and immaturity.

1/27/01 - Ross sent me a link to a photo that was taken at the CART sneak preview gig the Goos played in recently. Check out our Goos!

1/20/01 - I've made several site updates today! I added Jacquie(a different Jacquie) to the AIM Chat Directory, I've added an entry to the Trading Board, and I've added Swann to the Fans Section. Check out these updates!

1/17/01 - News, hot off the press for ya! The Goo Goo Dolls are playing in a private gig for the Championship Auto Racing Teams (CART) which is more commonly known as Indycars. CART is having their preseason media 'sneak-preview' to show off the new cars/drivers/sponsors/etc. Here's the news article!

1/16/01 - I have added Charlotte and Jacquie to the AIM Chat Directory! Add them to your goober lists!

1/15/01 - Today I updated the Trading Board and I've also added Mia to the AIM Chat Directory. Check these updates out!

1/9/01 - There is a new review of the New Year's Eve bash put on by the Goos in Vegas. Check it out! Also today, I've added Sharon to the AIM Chat Directory! Add her to your GOO lists!

1/6/01 - I have 2 additions to the AIM Chat Directory today: Ines and Sean! Add them to your GOO lists! :)

1/2/01 - Wow, the Christmas holidays went by so fast! I've got 6 additions to the chat directories today! To the AIM Chat Directory I've added Victoria, Tina, Deena, and Ryan. To the ICQ Chat Directory I've added Jacquie, and to the Yahoo Chat Directory I've added Victoria. Add them to your lists!

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