The Search for a Moderator

The World of Goo is looking for a moderator that will monitor the message board. This person must be able to moderate the World of Goo message board every day and have much time on their hands to do so. This is not a job for someone who is very busy. This person must have quite some free time which they are willing to give up each day for the Goo Goo Dolls community.

This person must also have superb judgement regarding the allowance of different types of content people post to message boards. This person must be able to discern which posts are relevant, on-topic, and are of group interest to the Goo community on a non-biased standpoint.

No matter how their day is going, no matter how much extra work they have to do around the house, no matter how many other distractions they have to manage, no matter how many other things that can come up suddenly to consume their time, this person must live up to the responsibility that they have signed up for.

We are asking that if you feel that you are any bit short of one hundred percent able to fill this huge responsibility, don't sign up for it. Here is the application to be considered for the job:
Name: Age: Location: Email: Phone: Current Job Description: Position in Company: Marital Status: Children in Household: Hours you Work: Personal Reference Name: Personal Reference Phone Number: Relationship to Personal Reference: I fit this job description the best because... I feel my judgement is superior regarding message board posts because... On the World of Goo message board, I am most bothered when... I am firm to my commitment to monitoring the board every day because... I am able to make decisions not based on any personal bias because... Working with people, I feel I am best at... If there was one thing I could do besides monitoring this board for the Goo community, I would... I know I am able to do this job for a long period of time because...