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If you are looking for Goo bootlegs, or have some to trade, email me at [email protected]. I will post it, with your email so that interested parties can get in touch with you. Please let me know how long you want your entry up!


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[email protected]   does ANYONE have the 8/99 show they did at blossom (cleveland, oh)??? i have been looking for this show for 2 years, and only now have i come across this site....please please email me!
[email protected] people interested in Goo bootlegs can email me here at [email protected] or IM me at SLU YOU 36  
[email protected]   I am a collector of guitars and looking for one signed by john reznick Will pay top dollar $$$$$$$$must be an acoustic $$$$$$$
[email protected]   I am looking for any goo goo dolls stuff. I would really like to find a tape of the Aug. 29th 2000 concert in Lincoln, NE
[email protected]   i am wanting anything and everything from googoodolls 4/1/99 raleigh, n.c. thanks. please contact john at : [email protected]
[email protected] OR [email protected] I have an extremely large list of Goo videos (mostly old stuff....some never before seen) and almost all of the songs ever recorded by Goo. I also have a couple of audio concerts. Will trade or sell I'm looking for any Goo stuff I don't have. Preferably Goo concerts and appearances (video or audio) from 1997-2001. But ANYTHING I don't have is fine!!!!
[email protected] My trade site is here I'm looking for any philadelphia, pa/new jersey shows from them and pretty much any promos and anything pre-1991.
[email protected] Visit my website. I have plently of radio interviews from 99/2000 that I have yet to list on the site. Looking for any GGD shows on CD that I don't already have. Visit my website.
[email protected] 6 different VHS tapes with various tv appearances, all the videos (although not the greatest quality at times), 3 different bootlegged concerts, and other random tidbits; MRL (00); Rockline (99&00); End Sessions; Star 96.7 interviews (i forget when they're from); Howard Stern (00); All the albums (minus the first release); Import Singles: including Iris, Iris/Slide, Slide, 2 Black Balloon, Broadway; Bootleg CDs: Buffalo-12/3/99, Rochester-1990, Backyard BBQ, and 3 cd's full of rarities and live versions of various things; And some other stuff I'm probably forgetting THE FIRST RELEASE! (i have it on tape, i want the real thing); Any bootlegged shows, preferably older ones; Posters; Radio interviews, etc; just plain anything i don't already have!
[email protected]   Mercenary/Celluloid 1987 release of the First Release (pink cover w/green CD), anything related to SSCW -- posters, lobbycards, t-shirts, or vinyl copy - anything.
[email protected] Goo Goo Dolls memorabilia, 12 photos from Mt. Parsons' 1996, 3 Goo Tour books and 3 great candids for sale-fair prices!  
[email protected]   I'm looking for bootlegs, live recordings, and magazine articles and clippings of the Goo Goo Dolls. I am especially looking for the Goo Goo Dolls concert at the Mahoning County Fair Canfield Ohio this year. Thanks.
[email protected] European singles for
Slide - (Slide, Acoustic #3, Nothing Can Change You)
Iris (1st release) - (Iris, Iris acoustic version)
Black Balloon - ( Black Balloon radio, Black Balloon album, Naked)
Iris (released with City of Angels) - (Iris, Lazy Eye, I Don't Want To Know)
Any vhs videos of Goo shows or music videos. I have only seen a clip about them on VH1's Top 90 Videos of the 90's. Please help a deprived, and desperate, British fan!!!
[email protected]   I'm looking for any one that has the singles "There you are" and "Just the way you are".
[email protected] Many shows from most of the tours. Most of the shows are on cassette and are good quality. Plus, I have a tape filled with unreleased songs and a CD filled with acoustic tracks. Anything recorded that I don't have, but I mostly want the Wrigly Field show from 4-28-00, the Q101 session from 4-27-00, and the Taste of Chicago show. Plus, I am looking for SSCW t-shirts.
[email protected] I have a copy of their performance at the Wango Tango concert back in May. They played the performance on the radio and I recorded it off of there. It includes Slide, Black Balloon, Naked, and Broadway. --Celia  
[email protected] I have every tv appearance on vhs from beginning to current as well as almost every bootleg show from the First Release era to the current on either cd or cassette. Please check out my trading site: http://hometown.aol.com/erikagoo/page7.html Anything I dont have.....
[email protected]   What I'm looking for is: bootleg tapes or c.d's of any GGD concerts or any other live stuff.
[email protected]   I'm looking for a copy of the Aug 29, 2000 show in Lincoln, NE at the Nebraska State Fair. It'd be even better if the bootleg had Tonic's opening act, too.
[email protected]   I'm looking for bootlegged shows of the past VT, NY and ESPECIALLY PA shows.
[email protected]   I'm looking for an X-Large green acid washed GGD T-shirt from their latest State Fair tour. Mine got stolen along with a gray baby doll Tonic shirt that says "Sugar" on the front, so I'm also looking for that one. I'll buy them as I don't have any Goo stuff I want to part with at the moment.
[email protected] Right now, all I have to trade is the one of the Buffalo concerts from last December on CD-R. I'm looking for posters, singles, pictures, the first CD, and anything else.
[email protected] I have lots of bootlegs and interviews on tape for trade/sell. I have the interviews from Modern Rock Live, Rockline, Howard Stern, Loveline, plus MUCH MORE! I also have some old and recent concerts on tape. Check out my page for more info: http://www.angelfire.com/rock/4googoodolls/GooTrade.html   I am looking for anything Goo I don't have: bootlegs, interviews, videos, photos, mags etc etc. Just contact me!
[email protected] Has to trade : 1-Live pics 2-Modern rock live 3-Articles E-mail me for more information. 1-Close-up live pics of Johnny 2-Loveline 3-Interviews on tapes
[email protected]   I'm looking for a poster of the Goos or a poster of Johnny. Preferably one from the past year or two.
[email protected]   I need almost all Goo videos on tape and anything before May 99. I don't have much to trade but am willing to purchase for a fair price
[email protected] it is an epiphone guitar catalog...it has a picture of johnny in it and robby. this was before they got in all that legal mess with epiphone about the pictures used, now the pictires are either covered up or just not used. i also have A LOT of articles and newspaper clippings and such......  
[email protected] I have the acoustic versions of iris and slide, some stuffs on tape, just those stuffs when they were in Germany, performances, some clips(but the tape only works in european VCRs), their albums, 'lazy eye' and 'I don't want to know' on an iris(short version) single cd. goo posters, 'I'm awake now' cd and 'bitch' cd
[email protected] I've got plenty of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, U2, etc. for trade (all CDR). Otherwise, I'd be happy to do a 2:1 trade or just reimburse you if that's possible. I wanted to get a Goo Goo Dolls bootleg for a friend
[email protected] I have some shows that I could trade around I am very interested in any Goo bootlegs Video or audio, pre-ABNG.
[email protected] i have most of their show opening for the rolling stones in boston on 3/22/99 and all of it opening for the stones in hartford 3/28. quality is so-so but this will fit on a 90 minute tape. i will trade for goo goo dolls, rolling stones, bob dylan bootlegs or others. i have bootlegs from many other artists."  
[email protected]   I am looking for a video or close pictures of the Syracuse, NY show on March 30, 1999. Would prefer a video.
[email protected] I got their show from Hamburg, Germany this January, to trade.  
[email protected] I have a Bunch of Goo Goo Doll stuff on video and cassette and the Launch CD-ROM willing to trade for any MatchBox 20 stuff especially on video
[email protected] Goo Goo Dolls, Aladdin Theatre, Las Vegas, NV ?/?/96
Goo Goo Dolls, Maxwell's Hoboken, Fast Lanes Club, NJ, 2/?/91
Goo Goo Dolls, KROQ almost acoustic x-mas 98, Los Angeles ,CA 12/12/98
Bootleg List
i'm looking for pretty much any goo goo dolls show of and grade of A quality.
[email protected] I have a lot of bootlegs of various artists including several goo goo dolls tapes. I'm looking for any goo stuff.
[email protected] DIZZY DOWN THE SLIDE 7 Live tracks ON CD from the DUTG tour Dizzy, LWD, Slide, Black Balloon, Name, Broadway and Iris. Album comes with front and back inserts. Quality is "good". Looking to trade for other Goo Bootlegs, Posters, Pictures, or Memorabelia.
[email protected]   Looking for their last 4 albums on vinyl
[email protected] 1. Modern Rock Live interview #9 2/28/99 2. Twisted 5 "hello-mix" with Goos 12/18/99- just a short promo for a radio station 3. Mix 101.9 Interview from Chicago 3/26/99 4. Twisted 5 Live 12/18/99 5. Star 98.7 Interview 1/28/99 6. FOXFM Ugly Phil Interview from Australia 2/18/99 7. BMMM Live Backyard BBQ from Australia 2/20/99 8. Live from the Electric Factory, Philadelphia 11/6/98 9. Iris Acoustic from Japanese DUTG 10. Slide Acoustic from Dizzy EP 11. Nothing Can Change You (Name single) 12. I Wanna Destroy You (Name single) 13. Live at the Avalon in Boston, MA 11/14/98 14. Lazy Eye 15. I Don't Want To Know 16. Boston Interview WBCN 3/99 17. Live from the Pit '96 18. DIZZY UP THE GIRL 19. A BOY NAMED GOO 20. SUPERSTAR CARWASH 21. HOLD ME UP I want anything that anyone has to offer that's not on this list.
[email protected] I have several taped radio shows from Buffalo NY's 103.3 The Edge. The most complete is live coverage on the Goos April, 1996 show with Bush and No Doubt. there are live interviews, live music, and a special declaration by the mayor of Buffalo, and Erie county exec. declaring April --, 1996 as Goo Goo Dolls day in Erie County and the City of Buffalo. The edge also that same night played every song the goos ever recording in no particular order.

So on 2 tapes, I have live interviews from the show, live music coverage from that show, live Bush and No Doubt, the Dedication for Goo Goo Dolls day, and every song ever recorded by the dolls.

[email protected] The things appear on my video tape in this order: 1. Interview by E! about the Grammys 2. Interview from the Grammys 3. Interview and performance of "Slide" on Rosie O'Donnell 4. Interview and performance of "Slide" on MTV 5. "Dizzy" video 6. "Slide" video 7. Short interview on MTV and "Black Balloon" video 8. Hard Rock Live performance from VH1 that includes interviews and performances of "Long Way Down,""Name,""Slide,""Broadway,""Iris" 9. Excerpt from Loveline episode they hosted 10. Interview from MTV about SugarRay tour 11. Biorhythm of John Rzeznik 12. Jay Leno performance 13. Rock to erase MS concert 14. Fanatic episode  
[email protected] Australian-based Goo trading page at http://www3.cybercities.com/s/striderwho/front.htm  
[email protected] 1) Australian "Dizzy Up The Girl" album (feat "Name" and "Slave Girl" as bonus tracks)
2) Australian "Dizzy" single (feat exclusive acoustic "Slide")
3) Australian "Slide" single (feat "Acoustic #3" and "Nothing Can Change You") (**e-mail me about that ASAP! for a copy limited numbers)
I'm after any goo goo dolls stuff....especially their older songs and those which are on the soundtracks. also any of their promotional work.....and also collectibles. I'm willing to pay.
[email protected]   Goo Goo Dolls w/ Bon Jovi @ Bryce Jordan Center 2/08/2003 looking for audio, video & photos
[email protected] St. College, Jersey (both nights), Chicago all 2003
all Professionally mastered
Vintage Bon Jovi stuff.
[email protected] Not much but ask me. GGD first release on CD. I have the Warner Brothers re-issue with the white cover but I am looking for the one on Mercenary Records
[email protected] Over 65 Goo CDs (rare/concerts), VCDs, and VHS items. Anything that I might not have :)
[email protected] Almost every appearance the Goos have made from 1990-1997. Also have a ton of random stuff from Dizzy Up The Girl era and now some Gutterflower appearances. Have a couple of video concerts and a TON of concerts on CD's. I also have SSCW demos and all other songs the Goos have recorded. I also have a TON of Goo shows on cassette, mostly older ones.
Will buy or sell.
Mostly stuff from the Dizzy Up The Girl era but ANYTHING I don't have will do great! I'm also looking for bootlegs and anything like that. I'm also looking for rare items- clothing, promotional material, posters, etc. I can trade but I'm willing to buy what I don't have.
[email protected]   Tampa and Orlando gigs from June 2002 and Atlanta and Tampa 2003 as openers for Bon Jovi.
[email protected]   Old videos of the Goos pre 1991 when they were at their best.
[email protected]   I am looking for the acoustic version of Iris. Can't find it anywhere in the UK, though I know it was available here (I used to have it, as the b-side on the first release of Iris)
[email protected] I am looking for the Teen People issue where John has sent a postcard from Sicily to the readers of the magazine. DVD of Behind the Music and Storytellers (both on the same DVD)
[email protected]   Old performance video clips
[email protected]
nicksbootlegs - 150m.com
Anything and everything  
[email protected]   original 1987 mercenary self titled cd will pay good $
[email protected] cash goo goo dolls self titled album from 1987 on cd with the mercenary record label
[email protected]   I am looking for someone who will have a video of the Oxygen Custom Concert on Sept. 7th.
[email protected]   goo goo doll posters..ex. gutterlower etc.
[email protected] many cd bootlegs any shows i don't have
[email protected] Live Show CDs, visit my site for a full list. May or may not have some compilation tapes available. PM (Parise2Panzer) at the WOG message boards or email for list of what is available. Any live Goo Goo Dolls CDs I do not have and live recordings of other bands as well (email to find out who I am interested in trading for)...also, Goo Goo Dolls posters
[email protected] Pics from the July 22 show at Gilletter Stadium with Bon Jovi The First Release
[email protected] My Trading Page Any live shows, rare tracks, or video footage that I don't have.
[email protected] I have a signed fender squier electric guitar that i would like to sell. it has been signed by all the members of the group

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