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2.3.9 Dizzy
2.3.10 Slide
3.2.2 Covers

Table of Contents:

1. Who are the Goo Goo Dolls
	1.1 The Band
	1.2 Johnny Rzeznik
		1.2.1 Johnny's Life
		1.2.2 Johnny Pre-Goo
	1.3 Robby Takac
		1.3.1 Robby's Life
		1.3.2 Robby Pre-Goo
	1.4 Mike Malinin
		1.4.1 Mike's Life
		1.4.2 Mike Pre-Goo
		1.4.3 Becoming Mike Goo
		1.4.4 Clumsy
	1.5 Others
		1.5.1 George Tutuska
		1.5.2 Lance Diamond
		1.5.3 Nathan December
		1.5.4 Dave Schultz
2. Origins of the Band, Name, Songs, Albums, and Influences
	2.1 The Band
	2.2 The Name "Goo Goo Dolls"
	2.3 The Songs
		2.3.1 I'm Addicted
		2.3.2 No Way Out
		2.3.3 Artie
		2.3.4 Two Days In February
		2.3.5 Only One
		2.3.6 We Are The Normal
		2.3.7 Flat Top
		2.3.8 Name
		2.3.9 Dizzy
		2.3.10 Slide
		2.3.11 Broadway
		2.3.12 January Friend
		2.3.13 Black Balloon
		2.3.14 Amigone
		2.3.15 Full Forever
		2.3.16 Iris
		2.3.17 Extra Pale
		2.3.18 Hate This Place
	2.4 The Albums
		2.4.1 First Release/Goo Goo Dolls
		2.4.2 Superstar CarWash
		2.4.3 A Boy Named Goo
		2.4.4 Dizzy Up The Girl
	2.5 The Influences
3. The Albums and Singles
	3.1 Albums
		3.1.1 First Release/Goo Goo Dolls
		3.1.2 Jed
		3.1.3 Hold Me Up Two Days in February
		3.1.4 Superstar CarWash
		3.1.5 A Boy Named Goo Stand Alone Ain't That Unusual
		3.1.6 Dizzy Up The Girl
	3.2 Non-Album Tracks and Covers
		3.2.1 Non-Album Tracks
		3.2.2 Covers
		3.2.3 Bang! What is Bang!? Track Listing
		3.2.4 Dizzy Up The Goos What is Dizzy Up The Goos? Track Listing
	3.3 Videos
	3.4 Alternate Lyrics/Music
		3.4.1 Cuz You're Gone
		3.4.2 Another Second Time Around
		3.4.3 Flat Top
		3.4.4 Eyes Wide Open
4 Discography
	4.1 Studio Albums
	4.2 Compilations, Promos, Etc
	4.3 Bootlegs and Imports

1. Who are the Goo Goo Dolls?

1.1) The Band
The Goo Goo Dolls are a musical trio who have been playing amazing music for over ten years now (since 1986) and have released 6 complete albums. Their musical style has been debated and can be classified in many categories. Some say hard-core pop (although that is sort of contradictory). Others call it melodic punk. To be more specific, it is a combination of hook-laden guitar riffs, two very capable and versatile vocalists, profound lyrics, and non-stop energy.

1.2) Johnny Rzeznik... the guitarist and vocalist.

1.2.1) Johnny's Life
John was born on December 5, 1965. By the age of 15 he was an orphan. Before then he had navigated a life like so many others in what he describes as a "tightly knit ethic community" on Buffalo's working-class East Side. He grew up on the corner of Clark and Kent Streets; as kids he and his four older sisters called it "Superman Corner." When John's mailman father and school teacher mother died within a year of each other (his father of alcoholism; his mother, according to him, of loneliness), John's life took a dramatic turn. He got an apartment on his own and started hanging out with "shady people." Rzeznik was the only "punk" (his quotes) at Buffalo's McKinley Vocational High School, where he studied to be a plumber. He made himself a target with a mohawk and a penchant for everything from the Cure to Depeche Mode to the Damned and the Replacements. John is married to an ex-model named Laurie, about whom he wrote some of his songs about.

1.2.2) Johnny Pre-Goo
Johnny has been with the band since the beginning. He was playing in a band called the Beaumonts (with Robby's cousin) when he was picked up by Robby and George to form the Sex Maggots (who became the Goo Goo Dolls). He was attending a vocational school as an aspiring plumber when the band formed.

1.3) Robby Takac... the bassist and vocalist.

1.3.1) Robby's Life
His birthday is September 30, 1964.

1.3.2) Robby Pre-Goo
Robby was first in a punk band called The Monarchs. He and George, who were school friends, got together to pick up Johnny.

1.4) Mike Malinin... the current drummer. He joined the band on contract in 1995, replacing George Tutuska. In fall 1998, it was announced that Mike was made an official Goo Goo Doll.

1.4.1) Mike's Life
Mike was born in Washington, D.C., on October 10, 1967. He grew up in South Florida and started playing the drums in seventh grade. His first band was called the Mixed Desmids. He graduated from high school in 1985 from Ransom-Everglades School. He attended North Texas State University (now University of North Texas), enrolled in music, and then became a Philosophy major (no degree).

1.4.2) Mike Pre-Goo
Mike bands in Texas included: Dark Horse (Austin; rock-n-roll, originals & covers), Angry Jasmine (Denton; alt-rock, semi-experimental), Last Rites (First Denton, then Dallas; hard rock, somewhere between earlier Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Butthole Surfers without the stage show), the Cowtippers (Dallas; a part-time project simultaneous to LR; played quasi-Cowboy Junkies music, originals and covers; Mike played almost everything with brushes - no sticks), BillyGoat (Dallas, funk rock, major party band), and Caulk (Dallas, hard rock, cool sh*t).

1.4.3) Becoming Mike Goo
Mike quit Last Rites in the early 90's in order to move to Los Angeles and play in a band called Blowfish. They were put together by Terry Glaze (who was the original singer in Pantera and went on to lead Lord Tracy), and included Brandon Smith (who was also in BillyGoat) on bass, who was later replaced by Rob Cooper (who played with Last Rites at one time). Blowfish was kind of like Pearl Jam, but less serious (and IMO a lot better). I still think they were an incredible live band, even if some of Terry's songs were a bit too 'Night Ranger.' They stuck around a few years, and attracted some record label attention, but eventually split apart after too many nights playing to empty rooms, etc, etc. (Trivial tidbit - before disbanding they changed their name to Red Tool Box after Hootie and the Blowfish took off).

At this point Mike returned to Dallas for a short while, recorded the CD 'Learn to Take' with Caulk and was all set to move back to Texas and take over the open drummer's seat in Caulk. But, when he returned to L.A., a friend told him that one of his favorite bands, Careless, had found itself without a drummer and that Mike should consider auditioning. He did, he was hired immediately, and he cancelled his plans to return to Texas. Careless was a WAY COOL band. It featured Brian Baker, Nathan December, and Marc Solomon (and some others along the way). Brian was formerly with DC hardcore legends Minor Threat and Dag Nasty, and is now playing guitar in Bad Religion. Nathan, as you know, is touring with the Goos now; he also toured worldwide with REM a few years ago. Marc was/is in Tommy Stinson's band Perfect, and also plays in Mike's side-project Clumsy (more on that later). Anyway, back to Careless... They were pretty successful in the LA club scene, and were DAMN close to being signed to Atlantic(?) records, but broke up when everybody got these 'offers-of-a-lifetime.' I'm not 100 percent sure about the details, but I think Brian left first when he was asked to join Bad Religion; then REM asked Brian if he would go on their world tour as an extra guitarist. Brian declined, but suggested Nathan, and so the offer was passed to him, which of course he accepted. Marc went on to join Perfect (which I think at the time was called Bash and Pop), and that left Mike with no gig and no place to go. Once again, he was packing his bags to move back to Texas when Careless's manager, Pat Magnarella, called him up. Pat also managed the Goo Goo Dolls, and he called Mike with the news of George's firing. He told Mike that Johnny and Robby had heard a Careless demo tape and wanted to know if Mike was available to audition for the opening. Of course, Mike accepted; after all, he'd been a Goo fan for years and already owned all their records. The next week, the three of them were jamming in a studio in L.A., and the rest is history.

1.4.4) Clumsy
After the Boy Named Goo tour, Mike started jamming with his old buds, Marc Solomon and Rob Cooper under the name the Noods. They eventually changed their names to Clumsy and added a second guitar player, For more Clumsy info, visit:

1.5) Others

1.5.1) George Tutuska...
...was the drummer from 1986 to New Year's Eve 1994, he was dismissed in 1995. He spent some time as a construction contractor and currently is in a Buffalo band called Hula.

1.5.2) Lance Diamond...
is a local Buffalo entertainer who has appeared with the Go Goo Dolls many times. As well as performing live with them, he has recorded with them on: "Down On The Corner", "Never Take The Place of your Man", "My Girl", "Do You Believe", and "Bitch".

1.5.3) Nathan December
Nathan played as the "touring guitarist" for the Goo Goo Dolls on the Dizzy Up The Girl tour! If you've seen the Goo Goo Dolls on a talk show, you've probably seen Nathan December. Nathan played second guitar on some appearances for "Name" and played mandolin and slide guitar on "Iris" appearances. Previously, he played guitar in Mike's previous band Careless and toured with REM as a rhythm guitar player on their Monster tour. Most recently, he was in a band called Holy Bulls that had a song out on the Iggy Pop tribute album.

1.5.4) Dave Schultz
Dave toured with the Goo's on the Dizzy Up The Girl tour. He was considered a musical prodigy as a child and plays keyboards with Lance Diamond's backing band. In Buffalo, his nickname was the Grinch, and on tour, they Goo's called him Duuf and Schnitzer. I've heard he played in a German techno band once, but that could be a rumor. His musical likes include Devo and The The.

2. Origins of the Band, Name, Songs, Albums, and Influences

2.1) The Band
All members are Buffalo natives (except Mike, new drummer). All had some previous band experience. In the early 80's, Robby was in a punk band called the Monarchs. Johnny was in a band called the Beaumonts, where a fellow bandmate was Robby's cousin. Robby and George were long time friends through school and they picked up Johnny, who was attending a vocational school as an aspiring plumber. In early 1986, they formed a band and they enjoyed playing together so much, they immediately entered a recording studio and produced the "First Release", which was released on a $750 budget.

2.2) The Name "Goo Goo Dolls"
The original name of their band was Sex Maggots. A promoter had caught a performance at a local club and decided to book them. However, he disliked the name Sex Maggots and insisted they change it to something a bit more acceptable. One night before a performance and slightly under the influence, the boys flipped through the pages of a True Detective magazine and discovered an ad for a Goo Goo Doll. It caught their attention, enough to make it the new name of their band. Appealing at the time, Johnny has stated numerous times that he felt the name was a hindrance to selling records and that under a different title, they may have sold more.

2.3) The Songs
On the first three releases, much of the lyrical composition was on a personal level. They used to write about (sometimes quite direct) booze, friends, posers, girlfriends (and loss of), and then (for Johnny), wife. More recently, Johnny has developed a more philosophical approach to his lyrics.

2.3.1) I'm Addicted
"I'm Addicted" was written about "devil-worshipping bands who blow-off concerts in Buffalo."

2.3.2) No Way Out
"No Way Out" makes a reference to Delaware Park.

2.3.3) Artie
"Artie" was written about, you guessed it, previous manager Artie Kwitchoff.

They played a practical joke on Artie and called him up saying that they were going to break up because they got into a fight. They taped his reaction and put it on the album. ([email protected])

2.3.4) Two Days in February
"Two Days in February" was written for Allison Braun, a writer/photographer for Maximunrockandroll and Flipside. They kinda dated for two days in February and broke up. She's thanked on "Hold Me Up" and also has a photo credit on that album. She's from LA, Johnny was from Buffalo. It wasn't going to work. One of the "Two Days in February" is February 15, 1990. The other one is either the 14th or 16th. ([email protected])

2.3.5) Only One
Contrary to popular belief, Only One was not written about Kurt Cobain.
In fact, Johnny said:

"I did not know Kurt Cobain. I did not listen to his records very much and he really didn't have very much of an influence on me, my life, my music -- anything. So how could I write a song about him?

"I'm never telling anyone who that song is really about. That song is not about Kurt Cobain, but it is about somebody and nobody will ever know who. A lot of people think that though. They say, "come one, this line right here." It's like the album cover. Somebody said to me, "is that a take-off on the Nirvana album cover ["Nevermind"]?" I'm like, "no." I saw this picture of this little kid and it struck me really hard.

"['a thousand other suckers are dying to fill your shoes.'] is more a comment on the tortured artist syndrome. The "oh, my god, my life is so hard" thing. Yeah, it's so hard making $480,000 a year and having people cater to your every whim, being carted around in a beautiful bus and having everybody praise you and tell you how great you are. How'd you like to be the guy who got up a five o'clock every morning and had to take an elevator a mile and a half below the earth and dig all day for $10 an hour."

Only One peaked at #21 (charted 11 weeks) on Billboard Top Album Rock tracks on 4/8/95 and at #36 (charted 3 weeks) on Billboard Modern Rock Tracks on 4/15/95.

2.3.6) We Are The Normal
Here's a quick summary. The Goo Goo Dolls sent a 4 song almost instrumental (1 song had some lyrics) demo to Paul and asked him to give birth to some lyrics. "We Are the Normal" and "So Far Away", which appeared on the demo, were the two Paul wrote lyrics too. Paul sent them back and the Goo Goo Dolls retained the lyrics to "...Normal" and archived the ones for "So Far Away".

"We Are the Normal" peaked at #5 (charted 10 weeks) on Billboard Modern Rock tracks on 3/6/93.

2.3.7) Flat Top
"Flat Top is just about how, (sigh) everybody is having their lives dictated to them by masses media. I read alot of, well, I read 3 of Douglas Copeland's books and it just inspired me in the sense that it made me realize that the whole concept of Generation X was a load of crap, you know, basically. And that really inspired me to write. Um, they accomplished there point but I just felt it was an underestimation of an entire group of human beings who are every bit as valid as everybody else." -Johnny Rzeznik (MuchMusic)

"Flat Top" peaked at #38 (charted 3 weeks) on Billboard Top Album Rock tracks on 8/5/95

2.3.8) Name
"Name I guess sort of encapsulated everything else that had been going on you know? Ah, -pause- I had been reading alot of books about...about the people coming up now, the generation coming up and stuff. And it really kinda bummed me out, you know what I mean? We get to meet a lot of kids when we're out on the road and it just seems like it's such a big dangerous world now. It's just so much more dangerous, especially in the States, more so than here [Canada] cuz there's just guns everywhere, and you know, and there's such good people now, it seems like. You know, they have more integrity than a generation ago, I think"
(MuchMusic Spotlight 10/30/96)

GW: Was Name written about anyone in particular?
Rzeznik: "No...As far as I can tell though, name is about having the inevitable regrets that come with growing up. With every decision you make in your life, you're going to have some regrets about which way it goes. You just have to choose which set of regrets you can live with the best, and try to minimize the amount of regrets you have."
(Guitar World, May 1996)

2.3.9) Dizzy
Dizzy peaked at #9 on Billboard's Modern Rock Tracks chart on 5/1/99

2.3.10) Slide
This song is about Broadway and Fillmore in Buffalo, the neighborhood John grew up in. It's his comment about the residents' perspective in the world.

Slide peaked at #1 on Billboard's Adult Top 40 chart on 4/3/99 and at #9 on the Hot 100 Singles Chart on 5/1/99.

2.3.11) Broadway
This song is about Broadway and Fillmore in Buffalo, the neighborhood John grew up in. It's his comment about the residents' perspective in the world.

2.3.12) January Friend
This is about a trip Robby took to Hawaii. He says when you are in paradise, some weird things go to your head after a while.

2.3.13) Black Balloon
Is about "seeing someone you love that is so great just fuck up so bad."

2.3.14) Amigone
This song takes its name from the funeral home chain of the same name in Buffalo.

2.3.15) Full Forever
Inspired by Robby's girlfriend.

2.3.16) Iris
"The lyrics for the song were sort of about - I was kind of trying to write it from the perspective of Nicolas Cage, where he's, he's about to give up his immortality - and he's sort of pondering that thought because he's so in love and he wants to, he wants to feel something real for once."
MTV's Artist Cut, 5/17/98

"Iris" peaked at #1 on the Billboard Adult Top 40 and Billboard Modern Rock Tracks.

2.3.17) Extra Pale
Named for the phrase on a Rolling Rock beer tap. Robby felt this described his life at the time.

2.3.18) Hate This Place
Everyone always says they sound like the Replacements, so Johnny wanted to write a song that sounded like them.

2.4. The Albums

2.4.1) First Release/Goo Goo Dolls
Self-explanatory. I believe the original pressing was self-titled, with the reprints having a stamp of "First Release", hence the two names.

2.4.2) Superstar Car Wash
Superstar Car Wash is a real place. It's located on William St. as you approach the heart of Buffalo.

2.4.3) A Boy Named Goo
Is from Johnny Cash's boy named sue. The boy on the cover is a kid named Vance from California who is in his mid-teens now. It rhymes. Johnny said, "I was sitting around one day and I said, 'life ain't easy for a boy named Goo.'"

2.4.4) Dizzy Up The Girl
Johnny says: it was inspired by a girl he knows who works too hard and doesn't take much time out for fun. "She's way too serious," he says. "It just came into my head when I was driving down the street one day when I was thinking about her. I said, 'You know, why don't I just take her out and dizzy her up a little bit´┐Żtake the girl out, show her a good time, dizzy up the girl.' It was that simple."

2.5) The Influences
Well, because their earlier sound offers reflections on late 70's, early 80's punk and metal, you can surmise that bands like KISS and the Ramones have had the most impact. Johnny proudly admits that Triumph was his favorite band growing up. Also mentioned: Dramarama, Replacements, Buzzcocks, Rolling Stones, Beatles, Ramones, the Who, the Clash, Elvis Costello, and Depeche Mode. Of course, they also have respect for, and have worked with, Paul Westerberg and the Replacements and Husker Du. They have covered Rolling Stones, Dead Boys, Soft Boys, INXS, Cream, the Lime Spiders, the Enemies, CCR, Blue Oyster Cult, Tommy Tutone, the Plimsouls, the Damned, and Prince(!) to name a few.

Mike was a huge David Bowie fan in High School, particularly of the Ziggy Stardust / Alladin Sane era. He basically liked any DB music that featured Mick Ronson on guitar. Sources say he owned every Bowie album ever released and quite a few bootlegs and imports as well.

3. The Albums and Singles

3.1) Albums
The Goo Goo Dolls have released 6 studio albums.

3.1.1) First Release/Goo Goo Dolls

1. Torn Apart
2. Messed Up
3. Livin' in a Hut
4. I'm Addicted
5. Sunshine of Your Love
6. Hardsores
7. Hammerin' Eggs (The Metal Song)
8. Don't Fear the Reaper
9. Beat Me
10. Scream
11. Slaughterhouse
12. Different Light
13. Come On
14. Don't Beat My Ass

3.1.2) Jed

1. Out of Sight
2. Up Yours
3. No Way Out
4. 7th of Last Month
5. Love Dolls
6. Sex Maggot
7. Down on the Corner
8. Had Enough
9. Road to Salinas
10. "Em Elbmuh"
11. Misfortune
12. Artie
13. Gimme Shelter
14. James Dean

3.1.3) Hold Me Up

1. Laughing
2. Just the Way You Are
3. So Outta Line
4. There You Are
5. You Know What I Mean
6. Out of the Red
7. Never Take The Place of Your Man
8. Hey
9. On Your Side
10. 22 Seconds
11. Kevin's Song
12. Know My Name
13. Million Miles Away
14. Two Days In February Two Days in February
The vinyl version of this song has about 3 extra seconds to the intro for this song as Johnny stumbles over his dedication. ([email protected])

3.1.4) Superstar CarWash

1. Fallin' Down
2. Lucky Star
3. Cuz You're Gone
4. Don't Worry
5. Girl Right Next to Me
6. Domino
7. We Are The Normal
8. String of Lies
9. Another Second Time Around
10. Stop the World
11. Already There
12. On the Lie
13. Close Your Eyes
14. So Far Away

3.1.5) A Boy Named Goo

* Certified gold (500,000 copies sold) on 11/16/95
* Certified platinum (1,000,000 copies sold) on 2/8/96
* Certified double-platinum on 7/17/96

1. Long Way Down
2. Burnin' Up
3. Naked
4. Flat Top
5. Impersonality
6. Name
7. Only One
8. Somethin' Bad
9. Ain't That Unusual*
10. So Long
11. Eyes Wide Open
12. Disconnected
13. Slave Girl
* Stand Alone Stand Alone...
...was written by George Tutuska and Robby and Johnny did not want to exploit his efforts after he was dismissed. It appeared on promotional versions of A Boy Named Goo, but was replaced with Disconnected and Slave Girl after George was fired. Ain't That Unusual
On the aforementioned promo version of A Boy Named Goo, Ain't That Unusual was labeled as Someday.

3.1.6. Dizzy Up The Girl

* Certified gold (500,000 copies sold) on 12/3/98
* Certified platinum (1,000,000 copies sold) on 12/3/98
* Certified double-platinum (2,000,000 copies sold) on 3/24/99

1. Dizzy
2. Slide
3. Broadway
4. January Friend
5. Black Balloon
6. Bullet Proof
7. Amigone
8. All Eyes On Me
9. Full Forever
10. Acoustic #3
11. Iris
12. Extra Pale
13. Hate This Place

3.2. Non-Album Tracks and Covers

3.2.1) Non-Album Tracks
o Do You Believe in Him? (1989 Xmas Single, 1997's That Other Christmas CD)
o My Girl (1989 Xmas Single)
o I'm Awake Now (Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare Soundtrack)
o Wait for the Blackout (Tommy Boy Soundtrack)
o Don't Change (Ace Ventura II Soundtrack)
o Lazy Eye (Batman & Robin Soundtrack)
o Hit or Miss (various singles)
o I Wanna Destroy You (various singles)
o Take Me Out to the Ballgame (Major League Baseball promo)
o I'll Be There For You (from Shred N Ragen)
o Nothing Can Change You (various singles)
o Tell Me Something I Don't Know (Superstar Car Wash demo)
o A Thousand Words (live interlude to Cuz You're Gone)

3.2.2) Covers
o Bitch (No Alternative Compilation) [Rolling Stones] (w/Lance Diamond)
o 867-5309/Jenny Jenny [Tommy Tutone]
o Never Take The Place of Your Man [Prince] (w/Lance Diamond)
o Don't Fear the Reaper [Blue Oyster Cult]
o Sunshine of Your Love [Cream]
o Slave Girl [Lime Spiders]
o Disconnected [The Enemies]
o Don't Change [INXS]
o Down on the Corner [CCR] (w/Lance Diamond)
o I Don't Want To Know [Fleetwood Mac]
o Gimme Shelter [Rolling Stones]
o Million Miles Away [The Plimsouls]
o Hit or Miss [The Damned]
o I Want To Destroy You [The Soft Boys]
o I'll Be There For You [The Rembrandts]
o Nothing Can Change You [Tommy Keane]
o Wait For The Blackout [The Damned]

3.2.3. Bang! What is Bang!?
Bang! is an official Warner Brothers release, but it was only released in Japan. It goes under two or three names, apparently, one other being Live From Goo. Track Listing

1. Name (live, acoustic)
2. Don't Change (live, acoustic)
3. Girl Right Next To Me (live, acoustic)
4. Another Second Time Around (live, acoustic)
5. Long Way Down (album version)

3.2.4. Dizzy Up The Goos What is Dizzy Up The Goos?
Dizzy Up The Goos was a promo-only radio sampler that Warner Brothers sent out just before the release of Dizzy Up The Girl. It is subtitled "The Hits You Know and some You Might've Missed". Track Listing

1. Lazy Eye
2. Flat Top
3. We Are The Normal
4. Stop the World
5. On The Lie
6. Long Way Down (Radio Version)
7. Name
8. Girl Right Next To Me
9. Domino
10. Cuz You're Gone
11. Naked (Remix)
12. Lucky Star
13. Iris
14. Take Me Out To The Ballgame

3.3) Videos
o No Way Out
o There You Are
o Laughing
o I'm Awake Now
o We Are the Normal
o Name
o Naked
o Burnin' Up (live MTV performance video)
o Flat Top
o Only One
o two versions of Long Way Down
o Lazy Eye
o Iris
o Slide

3.4) Alternate Lyrics/Music

3.4.1) Cuz You're Gone
The Goo's have been known to play a sort of interlude to Cuz You're Gone affectionately titled A Thousand Words. It has not shown up on any albums thus far, and no one has heard that they intend to ever put it on an album. It sounds similar to songs of the Hold Me Up/Superstar CarWash era. Lyrics can be found on the World of Goo lyrics page.

3.4.2) Another Second Time Around
On the Japan-only EP Bang!, Robby sings "Feel it in my head like I thought you'd never know" instead of "Gray like stormy skies I hoped you didn't know".

3.4.3) Flat Top
Flat Top has had many variations over the years. Some of the most famous include substituting "As long as O.J. Simpson's on TV" for "As long as there's a victim on TV" and playing Sweet Home Alabama in the middle on the Dizzy Up The Girl tour.

3.4.4) Eyes Wide Open
Possibly from a Letterman appearance (and in concert), Johnny has sung "I don't do the dishes and I never walk the dog" in Eyes Wide Open, as opposed to "I don't take the bus and I never walk to far".

4. Discography

Studio Albums

Format Year Album Name Record Label
CD, LP, MC 1987 Goo Goo Dolls (First Release) Celluloid/Mercenary
CD, LP, MC 1989 Jed Enigma/Death Records
(7 73406-2)
CD, LP, MC 1990 Hold Me Up Metal Blade
(9 26259-2)
CD, MC 1991 Goo Goo Dolls (First Release) remastered Caroline/MB
(CAROL CD 2211)
CD, MC 1993 Superstar Car Wash Metal Blade/WB
(9 45206-2)
CD, MC 1994 Jed (re-released) Metal Blade
CD, MC 1994 Goo Goo Dolls (first release) (remastered, re-released) Metal Blade
CD, MC 1995 A Boy Named Goo Metal Blade/WB
CD, MC 1998 Dizzy Up The Girl Warner Bros

Compilations, Promos, Etc.

Format Year Album Name Record Label
Promo MC 1987 CBGB's Mercenary promo with "Sunshine of Your Love" CBGB's/Mercenary
LP 1988 We Killed McKinley - music from Buffalo, NY with "No Way Out" Maxwell Records
Promo CD 1989 Ragin' for the Cajuns - one track from Jed Enigma promo
MC 1989 Xmas single with Lance Diamond and Pauline (with "Do You Believe?", and "My Girl"), called "For Children of the Night"  
Promo CD 1990 "There You Are" with tour dates on cover Metal Blade
Promo MC 1990 "There You Are" and "On Your Side" tour sampler (Goo Goo Dolls/Junk Monkees) Metal Blade
Promo CD 1990 "There You Are" (video re-release) Metal Blade
Promo CD 1991 "Just The Way You Are" with B&W picture cover and live performances of "Just The Way You Are", "Hey", and "You Know What I Mean" (very rare) Metal Blade
CD, MC 1991 Freddy's Dead soundtrack ("I'm Awake Now", "You Know What I Mean", and "Two Days in February") Metal Blade
(9 26726-2)
Promo CD 1991 "I'm Awake Now" Metal Blade
Promo CD 1991 "I'm Awake Now" on Follow Our Trax Volume Seven Metal Blade
Promo MC 1993 Superstar Car Wash - Advance Promo Warner Bros.
Promo 7" 1993 "We Are The Normal", "Another Second Time Around" Warner Bros.
Promo CD 1993 "We Are The Normal" Warner Bros.
Promo CD 1993 Black Light Special with 3 tracks from Superstar Car Wash WB promo
CD, Cass 1993 "We Are The Normal", "Another Second Time Around" Metal Blade/WB
Promo CD 1993 "Fallin' Down" WB promo
CD, MC 1993 Son-in-Law soundtrack with "Fallin' Down" Hollywood
CD, MC 1993 No Alternative compilation "Bitch" with the Incredible Lance Diamond Arista Records
CD, MC 1993 Generation X w/ "Fallin' Down" Warner Bros.
CD 1993 Musician Magazine's New Music Sampler - A Little on the CD Side #9 w/ "We Are The Normal" New! Musician
Promo CD 1994 A Boy Named Goo (Advance promo with Stand Alone) Metal Blade/WB
Promo 7" 1995 "Only One", "Slave Girl", and "Disconnected" (pink record) Warner Bros.
Promo CD, Cass 1995 Only One (radio version) Warner Bros.
CD 1995 Current Vision Comp. w/ "Only One" Warner Special Products
CD, MC 1995 Tommy Boy soundtrack with "Wait For The Blackout" WB/Broadway
(9 45904-2)
Promo CD 1995 "Flat Top" WB Records
CD, MC 1995 Angus sountrack with "Ain't That Unusual" Reprise/WEA
Promo MC 1995 Tour sampler with "Flat Top" and "Long Way Down" WB/MB
Promo CD 1995 "Name" (album version) WB Records
Promo CD 1995 "Long Way Down" WB Records
Promo CD 1995 "Naked" (Goo and Album Goo Versions) WB Records
Cass 1995 "Name", "Burnin' Up", and "Hit or Miss" Metal Blade/WB
CD 1995 The Holiday CD, with "Name" and "Naked" HT031
CD 1995 huH with "Flat Top" HA0108D
Promo CD 1995 Compilation with Only One, Flat Top, Naked, and "Name" Warner Bros.
Promo CD 1995 "Name" (album and edit versions) Warner Bros.
Promo CD 1995 "Naked" (radio edit) Warner Bros.
CD 1996 Modern Rock Live with "Girl Right Next To Me"  
CD, MC 1996 Ace Ventura II soundtrack with "Don't Change" MCA/Morgon Crk.
CD, MC 1996 Twister soundtrack with "Long Way Down" WEA/Warner Bros.
CD, MC 1996 VH-1 Crossroads CD w/ "Name" WEA/Atlantic
CD, MC 1996 X-Games, Volume 1 - Music From the Edge, w/ "Only One Performed" (live) Tommy Boy Records
CD, MC 1996 Rock of the 90's, Vol. 1 - Rock From the Revolution, w/ "We Are The Normal" Priority
CD 1996 Shredd-N-Ragen TV Theme CD with "I'll Be There For You" Mark
CD 1996 WAAF 107.3FM Unusual Suspects compilation with "Name" SAR
CD 1996 WHFS 99.1FM Just Passin' Thru compilation with "Name" HFS-99.1-96
Promo CD 1996 "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" (radio & full versions) WB Records
Promo CD 1996 F@!# the Rules compilation with "Long Way Down" WB Records
Promo CD 1996 Live From The Pit Global Satellite Network
Promo CD 1996 Fuck the Rules with "Long Way Down" New! Warner Bros.
CD, MC 1997 Batman & Robin soundtrack with "Lazy Eye" WEA/Warner Bros.
(9 46620-2)
Promo CD 1997 "Lazy Eye" Warner Bros.
Promo CD 1997 August '97 compilation with "Lazy Eye" WB Records
CD, MC 1997 MTV Buzz Bin Two w/ "Naked (remix)" PGD/Mammoth
CD, MC 1997 "Do You Believe in Him?" from That Other Christmas CD Media Play/Hot Wings
CD, MC 1998 Legacy: A Tribute to Fleetwood Mac's Rumours with "I Don't Want To Know" Atlantic/Lava
CD, MC 1998 City of Angels Soundtrack with "Iris" Warner Sunset/Reprise
Promo CD 1998 "Iris" (radio edit & album version) Warner Sunset/Reprise
Promo CD 1998 Dizzy Up The Goos (14 tracks from soundtracks, ABNG, and SSCW) Warner Bros.
Promo CD 1998 Slide Warner Bros

Bootlegs and Imports

Format Year Album Name Record Label
CD 1995 "Only One"/"Impersonailty"/"Hit or Miss" Warner Bros.
CD 1995 "Only One"/"Impersonailty"/"Hit or Miss" WB Australia
CD 1995 "Long Way Down" (radio edit)/"Don't Change"/"Name" Warner Bros.
CD 1995 "Name"/"Burnin' Up"/"Hit Or Miss" WB Australia
CD 1995 "Name"/"Burnin' Up"/"Hit Or Miss" Warner Bros.
CD 1996 BANG! - "Name" (live), "Don't Change" (live), "Girl Right Next To Me" (live), "Another Second Time Around" (live), and "Long Way Down" Warner (WPCR-803)
CD 1996 "Long Way Down", "Don't Change" (live, acoustic), "Name" (live, acoustic) Warner Bros. (Germany)
(wo362cd 9362-43716-2)
CD 1996 "Name", "Nothing Can Change You", "I Want to Destroy You" Warner Bros. (Germany)
(wo333cd 9362-43661-2)
CD 1996 "Name" (edit), "Burnin' Up", "Fallin' Down" (live), "Naked" (Goo version) Warner Bros./Metal Blade (Japan)
Bootleg CD 1996 Gaa Gaa (Dedicated 2 Perfection) D2P 009
CD 1996 Naked Dolls in the City (live from Tokyo, Japan) The Pore the Sole Productions
PTS 059/60
CD 1998 "Iris", "Lazy Eye", "I Don't Want To Know" Warner Music Australia
CD 1998 "Iris", "Lazy Eye", "I Don't Want To Know" WEA International
CD 1998 Dizzy Up The Girl (with bonus tracks "Name" and "Slave Girl") Warner Music Australia
5" CD 1998 "Slide", with "Nothing Can Change You" and "Acoustic #3" Warner Music Australia
CD 1998 Dizzy Up The Girl (with bonus track of "Iris (acoustic/movie version) Japan
CD 1999 Dizzy EP w/ "Dizzy", "Slide (Acoustic)", "Naked", "Long Way Down", and "January Friend", Japan

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