Wild Mood Swings

OOR (#9, may 4th 1996)
Pieter van Adrichem
Translated and transcribed by (lost the name)

How much right to exist does the post punk generation have? The Pistols
as a cynical joke together again, Killing Joke are fully busy and although
Siouxsie & The Banshees shut up shop finally, Robert Smith cum suis are
going on like there is nothing wrong. 
Once upon a time musical Titans, in a given case renewers but for about 10
years hesitating about what musical direction to follow. What do we do:
Ominous phonography or trivial rubbishy songs? Taking into consideration
that the latter commercially score the best, but that the former have by
far the most intensity. You just have to listen to the CD Disintegration
from '89 and -let's be fair- also Wish from 1992 has its moments. How about
Wild Mood Swings? Well, enough rubbishy popsongs, like the pseudo-Mexican
The 13th and the sweet tune Strange Attraction, which cracks the enamel
of your teeth. But for the rest there's a seamless and in a composition
way, series of vivid pop songs (Club America), sober doom songs (Want) and a
lot of, with strings and keyboards composed, semi-ballads (Treasure and This
is a Lie). All with the self-willed and always recognizable Cure sound
-certainly if Smith opens his nasal mouth- and with it, paradoxical, a
unity. On the rebound, you almost admire it.

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