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Steven Gizicki

Picking up immediately where Staring At The Sea left off, Galore collects all of the Cure's singles from the past decade and throws in one new track for good measure. Unfortunately, the past decade hasn't been so kind to the Cure. With the lone exception of 1989's brilliant Disintegration album, the last 10 years have seen the band careen back and forth from the mediocre ("Friday I'm In Love") to the terrible ("Mint Car") to the just plain irritating ("Why Can't I Be You?"). Certainly, this compilation offers a few moments worth remembering, like "Catch" and "Just Like Heaven" from their Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me album, and the four singles from Disintegration, but six songs aren't nearly enough to sustain an 18-track compilation. As for the new track, "Wrong Number," it begs only this question: Why does every band with a faltering career insist on dabbling in electronica?
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