Q Magazine
November 1996
Reviewed by Andrew Collins and John Aizlewood

Not the worst track off not their best album. Gone! is the jazzy one, in that it has a strange time signature, and, although murkier in production than student party staple The Lovecats, definitely rings that kitschy bell. It's been a shit year for The Cure, their Wild Mood Swings LP falling faster out of the Top 10 than, say, a Suede or Morrissey or whoops! R.E.M. album! But one suspects that it might just be their out-of-time haircuts that have done for them (not in America, of course, where the old bastards have only just arrived!) There is still some brassy abandon here to be enjoyed. Fashion has passed them by; you, discerning person, need not.

3 stars out of 5

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