Reflex Magazine
August 1992
Lou Stathis

Yeah yeah, I know. Anyone who gives the remotest shit already knows there's a new Cure album (sucker popped onto the charts at No. 2 when it was released in late April), but we couldn't let it pass without some comment or another, alright? So here it is: It's fucking great, okay?

Not enough? Try this: Wish is the ninth (and first on the 90's) LP of new studio stuff from this sixteen year old band of limey sourpusses (13th overall), and it's just like the others, only different and better. It's got some bouncy pop tunes to keep your little sister happy; some gloomy wrist-slashers for your little brother to blast in his dark, airless bedroom; some challengingly rich and texturally evocative music for us pinched-sphinctered grownups; and enough general Cureness throughout to keep all us Imaginary Boy-hounds satisfied that we got our money's worth. So if you hate these guys, fuck you and skip this one, too; if you like them, no doubt you already have a copy, so this is only to reaffirm your good taste. Can I stop now?

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