Mint Car

June 26, 1996

THE CURE Mint Car (no timing listed)

PRODUCERS: Robert Smith, Steve Lyon

WRITERS: Smith, Gallup, Bamonte, Cooper, O'Donnell

PUBLISHER: Fiction Songs Ltd.

Fiction/Elektra 9572 (CD single)

Godfathers of modern rock (has it been that long?), the Cure offers its
latest single after a fairly lukewarm reception to "The 13th." With most
Cure songs, there is little middle ground between hap-hap-happy and
put-your-head-in-a-vice miserable. This single falls into the former
category, with Robert Smith"s gushing lovestruck vocals and peppy, bright
beats making for a track that resembles "Show Me" without the addictive
appeal. Unfortunately, "Mint Car" provides no rebuttal to questions that
the band"s appeal may be confined to its aging core audience. Though rock
radio has shown strong acceptance of the track, its luster may be more from
tradition than quality.

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