Wild Mood Swings

July 1996

The Cure - Wild Mood Swings 7 (out of 10)
You have to love Robert Smith - he's like the big sister you never had, a well-fed death princess pouring his heart and soul into decadent but harmless fantasies. Asking Bob to grow up would be like making Isaac Hayes wear a toupee - and he knows it. So for this sixteenth album in seventeen years, The Cure have yet again resisted the lure of the future and gone for what they know; unrepentantly dolled-up new wave. Call him a camp dinosaur if you like, but Smith has fun being ridiculous - in "Strange Attraction," he even sings about a woman who picks him up by asking to borrow his lipstick. The band attacks these synth-pop crumpets with the fervor of the last true believers, especially the sexy fluff of "Want" and "Mint Car." There's infantile sobbing, exquisitely sticky keyboards, circus clothes - what's not to like? Wild Mood Swings whisks you off to a time zone where it's always the '80s. You may not want to live there, but as a sinful weekend getaway it sure beats the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
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