Wild Mood Swings Review

West Australian
May 23 1996

The Cure
Wild Mood Swings

THE CURE deliver happy album shock! This is not a misprint - Robert Smith is
strangely happy and it shows through in much of the bands first studio album
since 1992's Wish.

So while the goth fans of old throw up their hands and white face paint in
despair, Smith sings of "Candlelight! Coconut Ice! And fur on the floor!"
(Return) and about being "so happy i could scream"(Mint Car).

But Wild Mood Swings is a complex beast and to simply dismiss it as a happy
pop album would be missing the mark. Theres a more than adequate dose of
sullen moments - just take the heavy, gloom rock ofeel of opening track Want
for starters.

Musically, Round and Round and Round sounds frothy and frivolous, but have a
good listen to the lyrics and you;ll find smith taking a bery big swipe at
the fakeness of the entertainment industry.

Then there are the doomed relationships (Strange Attractoin, Trap, Bare),
confusion desperation and even, apparently, drug dependency (Gone!, Numb).

The Cures atmospheric guitar work still freatures heavily but vioulins,
trumpets and electric sitar add a fresh spark.

Wild Mood Swings is like an emotional rollercoaster ride - peaks and
troughs, surpirses round the corner and a few bumpy patches, but well worth
the ticket price.


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