Cure House Page Update

"Official Press Release"
June 1996

we came up with the idea for the site playing around with the phrase 'home page'. we had all been living together for about a year making wild mood swings in a big old house in the west of england, and we just thought why not make it like it really is, and call it our 'house page'? so we started to work out what rooms we'd need... obviously each band member would have their own room which would be descriptive and personal, and there would be common areas like hallways and a kitchen, a lounge and a bathroom... once we'd thought of all the more obvious rooms, the stranger ones came up; a dungeon for people and things we hate, an observatory with astronomical up-dates and links, a conservatory where browsers can chat to each other (and sometimes members of the band). other rooms began to take shape; the library/control room, where all the archives are kept, and sound files for each of the albums. robert is also working on writing a bit about each of the songs and what they mean to him. we'll also put in all the lyrics, and we're working on tablature and midi files for the whole repertoire! the kitchen is the 'news' room (as it is in real life) and hopefully here we'll be able to keep everyone up to date on what's going on and what's coming up. browsers should be able to order concert tickets direct from here.

our aim is to keep the house as personal as possible, and to that end we are doing all the designing ourselves. we also want to make it a place you'll want to come back to, and so we're going to try to keep adding and changing stuff all the time. we're hoping to open the site with a few exclusives: while we were in brazil earlier this year we filmed a lot, and robert has edited together and 'alternative' video for 'mint car'; the house will be the only place you can see it. there will also be an exclusive on-line interview... there will be hours of unreleased music - demo's, rough mixes, jams! - and hundreds of unseen pictures that will gradually be made available, another idea we've had is the 'on tour' viewcam; if the lights is on in the lounge window you'll know that we've got our viewcam on... with cu-seeme software you'll fell like you're with us onstage/backstage or maybe even in the bar!

the house will gradually grow and rooms will be added to the basic thirty or so that it will open up with. it will be a learning experience for everyone involved; the more we all get to know the house, the more fun we're sure we'll have!

we are opening the door on july 1st..........

description of rooms.

the home page has a picture of the house with two entry points and some introductory text. one entry point is through the door (!) and the other through robert's window, the door leads to the hallway, roberts window leads to robert's view and the observatory.
'on tour' view cam:
when the light is on in the lounge window our viewcam is on.

(when our black van is 'parked' in front of the house, it indicates that a member of the group is in the conservatory).

robert's view:
image of a view from robert's window and stuff about the stars etc!
this is the main hub of the house and gives access to the upstairs and downstairs hallways and the library/control room, the kitchen, the lounge and the bathroom.
upstairs hallway:
the hallway has six doorways, five leading to band personal rooms, one leading to the guest room.
personal rooms:
each band member has his own personal room in which he does anything he wants! some rooms may have other rooms or cupboards attached to them to take the browser elsewhere...
guest room:
where invited guests can stay and tell stories etc!
downstairs hallway:
three doors leading to the dungeon, the skeleton cupboard and underthestairs.
a horrible place for horrible people and things....
a place for weird stuff!
skeleton cupboard:
this contains informal biographies of ex-members by current members; porl by teddy, boris by roger etc. it will also have 'where are they now' information, and maybe a few 'skeletons'.......
library/control room:
this will contain links featuring each of the albums with (eventually!) notes by robert on all the songs. it will also include streaming audio sound files of clips from all the albums with links to the cd-now page so albums can be ordered direct from the net. there will be lyrics, and hopefully notes about cure recordings by various engineers/producers. there will be archive photos, ongoing progress with the new official biography, and a link to the music room.
music room:
to include tablature and midi files and notes on gear and equipment and other tech stuff.
an area where browsers can leave their thoughts and suggestions in the form of graffiti on the tiled walls.....
images of a sound system and a television, click on the stereo to hear rare/unreleased/live music, click on the tv to see new and old videos ('mint car' exclusive edit). link to the photo album.
photo album:
the 'news' room; access to 'cure tour96', and news
cure tour 96;
information on the tour, with links to dates and stage
a room of information about the 'tech 'side of the tour. stage design, equipment, personnel etc.
all the shows and ticket information, with direct link to ticketmaster?.
this room is the chat room; it will be within sonicnet, and will be up all the time for browsers to chat to each other. when the black van is parked in front of the house, someone from the band is in the room.....
and hopefully at some point we can get a garden.....

not all of these rooms will be online at the beginning and you can expect a couple of new ones each week.....

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