A Dose of the Cure on the Net

Billboard Magazine
Issue Date: July 13, 1996

CURE CLIP: The Cure has a new video--but don't look for it on television. A second version of the act's current single, Mint Car, which was shot and edited by front man Robert Smith, has just been made available exclusively on the Internet.

To 'tune in' to the clip, computer users should visit the Cure's new World Wide Web site at http://www. the-cure.com. The video was shot as the Cure traveled the world to promote its new album Wild Mood Swings.

When we went to New York to play 'Saturday Night Live,' we shot some stuff of us being funny at Coney Island, says Smith. There's also some footage of us on a beach in Brazil, and in London, we shot some video during a party that was held on a boat.

Smith tells the Eye that he originally intended to use that footage as the 'official' video for Mint Car.

However, Smith says that he did not feel that it was appropriate to release it to music video outlets.

It just didn't work, says Smith. It was too obvious. Video has always been an important thing for the Cure, and this video was just too casual and too obvious for commercial release.

About 15 hours of footage was edited down for the three-minute clip, according to keyboardist Roger O'Donnell.

Smith, who edited the clip, says that the Internet is an appropriate place for the video.

It is very intimate, he says. It certainly is not what a lot of our fans will expect to see from us.

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